Siemens Triano 3, how to program?

My father-in-law just sent me his Siemens Triano 3s that he just got replaced. (I’m on a very tight budget and can’t afford new ones.) So far they seem to be working amazingly well. I know I should take them in to a hearing specialist and have them adjusted but they want to charge $250! Is there anyway I can do this myself?? There is supposed to be a computer program available to do this but I can’t find it yet. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

And yes I had hearing test done and they said I am a good candidate for hearing aids, I have a copy of the test.

Others more expert than I will no doubt jump in here, but from all that I have read you’ll need – in addition to the software that may not be free, even if you can get it at all – the piece of equipment that goes between your aids and your computer. That will undoubtedly cost more than the $250 but will of course be available to you for future adjustments as well if necessary.

Yes, you are spot on Z300M. IF you can get the software, you will be shelling out 700+ for the programmer and cables.

The triano is a pretty old instrument, I had one and did like it. IF it is appropriate for your loss and the $250 includes a new mold, I would say this price is not out of line. You should ask the audie if he will include more then one fitting session, if the answer is yes I would go for it.

Yikes, I’ll check with my Kaiser audiologist, maybe they will adjust it for free??

why go to an audi if it works well? if it works dont fix it.

I’m on a very tight budget and can’t afford new ones. vs I’ll check with my Kaiser audiologist ?

most cities of any size will have a speech and hearing free clinic… you might want to research that option.

That is a hearing aid name I haven’t heard in the 8-9 years… Great hearing aid in its time.

Based on what I have read, it seems this is your first go at hearing aids… and you want to try self programming? Without doubting your skills in any way, I think this is premature.

When you consider that there will be follow ups and the such, $250 is not that much money for your overall benefit. Keep in mind, that these hearing aid do have the capability of being set too loud which could result in permanent hearing loss.

I think that I was in the middle of programming a Triano when I heard the news about JFK being shot in Dallas.

If you do not have formal training on hearing instruments and audiology then do not attempt to fit hearing instruments yourself as this can result in permanent hearing loss if you set it up incorrectly. Shop around and find a cheaper audiologist or pay the $250…being on a budget isn’t worth the risk of damaging your hearing for life.

The $250 is a very good price. Chances are you will get more than just programming by a professional. You will get an education on your hearing aids, how to use them, take care of them, what to expect and how to get the best hearing from them. They may be old, but they were a quality product in its day. Nobody is going to do it for free! I don’t know what you do or did for a living, but would you put in a days work and be happy with a handshake.