Siemens touchControl for Windows Phones?

Just got my first ha, the Siemens ACE 5 and I really want to use the new touchControl option.

So far it only works with iOS and Android smartphones, but I have a Lumia Windows 10 smartphone.

Is there a workaround that will work with my Lumia? If not, anyone knows if Siemens plans an app for Windows Phones?

I have no idea, but I wouldn’t expect it, with Windows phones having about 2.5% market share. It would just not be cost-effective to write apps for Windows phones and then support them.

Actually, the app for the Siemens uses hi-frequency sounds to communicate with their aids. If that aid is listed as compatible, it should work fine.

Well, I sent an email to Sivantos, the new company for Siemens ha group and got the reply. BAD NEWS, like you wrote Don, they say the market share of Windows phones is too small and they dont plan an app for us. Pity… Anyway besides compatible smartphones, Siemens should come up with a stand alone remote for the Ace model.