Siemens Three Year Warranty + 3 yr loss & Damage


I am newly registered here, but have spent hours lurking! I am located in Australia and am buying Siemens HAs online from the USA for less than 1/3 of the locally best quoted price.

I have been offered a Siemens three year international warranty including three year L&D.

I have googled for days now and cannot find any Siemens site detailng a three year international warranty including three year L&D. The only warranty info on a Siemens’ site is from Siemens Singapore, which offers details re a Limited International Warranty.

Are there any Siemens dispensers or HIS here who can point me to a Siemens site where warranty is shown, or provide info re the International warranty offered by Siemens.

Many thanks; and I look forward to learning more about HAs on this terrific forum.

Greetings from Australia.


Hi Sully,

Good to see another ozzy on here. Welcome!

As you have been lurking on this site for a while now, I’m sure you have seen what a contentious issue online hearing aids can be. If not do a search on online and see for yourself. The other issue with Siemens particularly is reliability, which makes the warranty issue so much more important. I have found in Practice that Siemens aids are often simply replaced when they break down (very often in the 1st to 2nd year of use) as the are technically deemed beyond repair. This is not such an issue when dealing with an audiologist as they have 3 year warranty and the clout to make Siemens replace these if there is any arguments. When buiyng online you might find the experience very different. On top of that you might be hard pressed to find a local Hearing Professional to even touch them as far as adjustment etc is concerned.

It tired looking for the international warranty and could only find 1 year limited warranty (International). As Siemens is a global organisation I would assume the same would apply elsewhere. you can always contact Siemens AU on 1300 787 797 (freecall) to be sure. I suspect the 3 year warranty comes inot play if you were to send the aids directly back to where you got them from if any issues occur.

Good luck in your decision.

Btw. What is your hearing like? Have you worn aids before?

Hi Hearnow.

Hearing loss is - 500, 1k, 2k - LEFT is 68.33 and RIGHT is 66.6I. - MODERATE TO SEVERE.
My 4K, 6K, 8K is LEFT 83.33 and RIGHT 78.33. - SEVERE

I have already spoken with Siemens in Oz, and they have confirmed a local 12 months warranty. That is why I raised the question of a longer warranty period.

I am happy with the local warranty and if I have to send the HAs back to the states after the 12 month Oz warranty expires I will happily do that.

I have found a local audiology group to make my ear impressions and provide any support required, on an hourly charge basis.

I have worn aids since 2001 (Phonak CIC and ITC). I recently acquired Bernafon BTEs because Phonak refused to repair the original aids after 5 years.

I am going for Siemens Nitros. My entire hearing loss fits the Nitro fitting range with some headroom for future loss. No other CIC covers my entire loss range! I prefer CIC aids. Have had a perspiration problem (hairline sweat top of ears) with the BTEs due to the work I do (labourer). CICs/ITC have proven much more reliable than BTEs for me.

Many thanks for your help.


I’m pleased that you have have at least taken the time to consider your situation carefully. I hope the Nitro’s work for you as I have tried some with similar loss and feedback has been a major issue. The only solution would have been to give less gain than other CIC’s (less powerful) could provide without Feedback, making the whole Nitro concept a moot one in my view.

However ear canals and consequently fits do differ and hopefully you won’t find the same. Again good luck and let us know how you go. BTW. What were you quoted locally for Nitros? Are they Nitro 6’s or Nitro 16’s?

Nitro 6 Basic AU$6800. Then later found some in another state for AU$4500. Online they will cost me about AU$1850 delivered. I have had the impressions made and they are deep! 18mm from the first bend! My earlier CICs are about 14mm. The AU audiologist called Siemens AU for specs while he was doing the impressions.

Unfortunately there are no other CICs that fit my loss range. Have a return option with the dispenser.

Will post my experience with them when they arrive.

Your attention to detail pleasantly surprises me. I think Starkey has a CIC that could also do the trick in its destiny range. Maybe ZCT could provide a bit more info.

The Starkey Destiny CIC has a fitting range that starts at 70dBHL @ 250-1KHz, 85dBHL @ 2KHz, and 90dBHL from 3KHz up.

I’ve heard they can do a little better than that if they have to. But that’s their published maximum for a CIC. The whole Destiny range has the same feedback controls so I believe you can take your pick of the 400, 800, 1200 or 1600 depending on your needs and budget.

Sulla, why are you focusing on CIC aids? Why not go a little bigger and use ITE aids, which are usually more powerful than CIC, and won’t have the problem with sweat that your talking about that’s preventing you from using BTEs?

Thanks Joesc and Zct (others) but all replies are some what off topic.

Question is:

“Are there any Siemens dispensers or HIS here who can point me to a Siemens site where warranty is shown, or provide info re the International warranty offered by Siemens.”

With respect.


by law regarless of the brand in the EU it is 2 years

Thanks Joesc and Zct (others) but all replies are some what off topic.

Question is:

“Are there any Siemens dispensers or HIS here who can point me to a Siemens site where warranty is shown, or provide info re the International warranty offered by Siemens.”

With respect.


Thanks Xbulder. I am in AU not EU.

I’m not sure if you are going to be able to find that information online, because it often depends on the account set-up the dispenser has with Siemens as to what warranty & loss/damage coverage they offer. Some people sell their aids with one year warranties, while others offer two or three years.

Perhaps the company you are buying them from will give you more detail or a written statement including all that the warranty will cover. You might also try to email Siemens directly and see if they can give you the information you are seeking ( )

Thank you Audiogal.

I used the link to ask my questions direct to Siemens USA and after some very nice courteous e-mails in response they simply refused to reply when I asked for specific information re the warranty offered worldwide.

I am a little shocked that a company like Siemens Hearing would simply ignore questions from a consumer.

In a phone call this afternoon to Siemens AU they have confirmed that they will honour the 3 year warranty offered by Siemens USA, in Australia.

E-mail confirmation from Siemens Hearing Australia to arrive soon.


Doin’ the Nitro Tango, with great vigour!



My Centra Anctives came from a seller who is not an authorised Siemens agent .
My aids therefore, will almost certainly have no warranty.

In my case it was/is all worth the risk , because the resellers all wanted punitive handling charges , if I ad not kept demo aids.

At that stage , I was underwhelmed by the services on offer, and had grave doubts about the worth of the whole process, as I have only a “social disability”.

In the future , with a lot more knowlege and understanding, I will price aids on line and then attempt to price match with a competent local audio … when and if I can find one .


You can buy Centra Actives on eBay for roughly the same dollars you spent, but from Siemens authorised dealers who would have included a Siemens warranty card.
And if you know someone in the USA you may have also qualified for the US$200 rebate Siemens are offering.

Would I but HAs from Bali??


Could be another “Rolex watch” type deal Bali is famous for!!

Anyway good luck with your HAs.

The Bali seller (so far) is very up front and honest , and my Centra Actives were brand new in original sealed packaging.
But you are right… better to buy ex US , hindsight is a wonderful tool.
I have a friend currently looking at these aids and I have advised him to buy ex us.

Would you have purchased from the Bali seller if he had stated upfront in his eBay listing - “THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON THIS ITEM!” ??

Hi Sulla,

I realise this was over 3 years ago, but can you give a follow up on how this went?

I rang them myself and they denied being able to give this commitment. They said their policy was never to do this.

I’m just wondering because I want to get some from USA for my wife.

The other this is, how did servicing go in Australia? Every clinic I spoke to either said they wouldn’t help or wanted $500 per hour.