Siemens Tek - can't initiate pairing mode

I’ve just got a Tek to go with my Pure aids. I’m trying to get the Tek paired up with my Nokia cellphone. I’ve read the manual and followed the procedure but just can’t make it do what it’s supposed to. I power on the Tek and hold the green key for 7 sec and no BT symbol comes on flashing. The P1 - P5 buttons work and the volume +/- works OK.

Is there something my audi has not programmed into it?:confused:

The TEK has to be programed on the number 2 button…and yes your Audi has to program the TEK with your aids. Everytime you reprogram the aids your audi has to sync the TEK with your aids…

Thanks Iceman. One further question - how is the Tek connected to the audi’s laptop. Is it via the USB mini plug on the bottom? Or is it via the wireless e2e link to the aids via HiPro/NOAHlink cables?

I answered my own question yesterday, the Tek does need the USB connection (actually it is Com3 if you look in system properties) at the same time as the aids are connected to the audi’s PC.

I got all set up with custom welcome message, Bluetooth on P2, Tek Transmitter on P5, all working sweet. The only thing wrong was the phone was a bit quiet in my aids, probly just needs a tweek upwards on my next audi visit. A cool device.:cool:

The audi can also turn the mics off when in Bluetooth\phone mode to eliminate ambient sounds, which really helps with the phone volume.

just be careful if you get the mics turned off when using the tek for the phone - I did it and spoke REALLY LOUDLY - everyone in the office knew who I was going to the pub with :stuck_out_tongue: (its on dual mic/tek mode now!)
The tek is cool - if a little fiddly - sometimes if it plays up its just a matter of taking the battery out and putting it back again - sometimes you need to re-pare it with your phone… but for all its issues it’s a really positive step in the evolution of hearing devices!!!

LOL. I had not thought about that effect, but in data centers or my car the only way I can hear a cell conversation is with the mics off.

One other thing about the TEK…Make sure your audi sets up the phone…and then adjust the sound. Since the HA is creating all the sound you need to have your audi increase all the sounds across the bandwidths!