Siemens Reflex M (remote)?

A m8 of mine has just had 2 Siemens Reflex M e-pocket hearing aids on the NHS, he wants to get a remote control for them, the NHS tells him he can only get them from Siemens, But Siemens tells him he has to go through the NHS, can anyone help on where he can get a remote from for these hearing aids.

Any help most welcome…

You might try They handle the seimens brand and have great prices.

He should think again. A remote control is a nasty idea from the late 90s when hearing aids were pretty dumb and needed a lot of patient interaction to get a useful sound out of them.

Any decent hearing aid can adapt to the environment without a remote. A multi memory button on the aid is as far as most people should ever have to go.

As a hearing professional I have to say, I think remotes are the hearing aid equivalent of a Betamax VCR. Sure, they were a good idea at one time, but now they have been completely superseded by better technology.

sometimes, a control is a good idea.
Example, some of the modern advance instruments have a VC learning where you teach the aids VC but in order for you to use that option you need a remote control (say for example you have small itc instruments without VC).

VC learning has become a standart feature in most mid to high end instruments. phonaks, oticon, siemens, etc

VC learning is pretty common as you point out, but how does a remote help with that? What is the benefit of carrying an unnecessary obsolete gadget when you can have the vc right on the aid?

If you order say a ITC with no VC, the only way to use the VC learning
is using a remote control…

I have seen Unitron YUU, and their remote control seems like a clever way
to tweak the instrument…

phonak has master the remote control, some of their remote controls are
the best out there…