Siemens Pure Carat 701's - RIC

I am 42 years old and have worn a HA in my left ear only since I was 3 years old. Ive worn analogue Siemen HA most of my life, and have worn Siemen’s old style digital HA for the last 7 years.

Since October 2011 (last year) I have tried Phonak Naida S IX SP BTE and Siemen’s Nitro 701 SP BTE with no success.

For the last 3 months, I have been wearing the Siemens Pure Carat 701 RIC.

All of my life I have worn BTE HA’s with custom made silicon full shell (with small vent).

After multiple impressions and various sized custom made RIC moulds made to find a mould that fitted in my ear properly (it took the best part of 6 frustrating months of numerous visits to my Audiologist to get this right).

For the first time ever in my life, I am now wearing an inflexible custom made acrylic RIC earpiece with an outer portion that locks" into the cartilage folds around the lower ear. The canal portion is long and sits deep in the ear covered in a fine film of silicone. I had two RIC custom made - one with a vent and the other without a vent. My audiologist says that because Im a “long term HA user”, the soft tissue in my inner ear has been compressed to the cartilage hence the issues with the inflexible acrylic earpiece in comparison to the flexible silicone moulds that Ive been used to.

I am still having issues with the sound. I have the 5 programs and find the Bluetooth on my mobile & TV have better sound quality in terms of the various high and low frequencies that I used to be able to hear.

My Audi says that I have lost some gains in the 4K frequency on the new HA as it has feedback issues if he tries to make it at the same level as it was on my old HA. He has increased it slightly on the 6K frequency to try and balance that out a bit.

Here’s my problem - what Im hearing does not sound crisp, lacks sharpness, lacks clarity, sounds a bit muffled and Im not hearing the high sounds as clearly as I would like.

Mould with no vent- occulsion, but able to give me the high 4K gains that I need to hear better overall. However my ears feel “plugged” or “blocked”

Mould with vent - slight occulsion, not able to give me the 4K gains that I need due to feedback. My voice still sounds hollow and unnatural. At times unable to hear the loudness of my own voice in noisy situations.

I have 5 programs - Universal, Speech In Noise (Noise Reduction), BT TV, BT Phone, Telecoil.

I found the speech comprehension difficult in Universal & Speech In Noise programs. However the speech sounds “normal” when I am using my Bluetooth devices only. I hear better face to face with my old Siemen digital HA! Please help me with the face to face sound adjustments on my new HA for Universal & Speech in Noise.

I find that my old HA has better noise reduction than the current model. I find it difficult to hear voices over the background noise with the current model. The sounds compete with each other. In fact, I find the Universal program has a softer overall volume of noise. If I try to increase the volume in order to hear speech better, all it does it increase the overall volume of the noise and it does little better to comprehend speech. My Audi has cranked up the noise reduction to max but in my case it still doesnt work properly.

Also I find after wearing my new HA for a while, it feels like the sound is getting softer. After many weeks, I have found that if I press the volume button on the mini Tek it doesnt sound quite right (sounds a bit tinny). However, if I scroll through the programs on the mini Tek and get back to Program 1 again it resets to the default settings (and thus sounds louder & a bit normal sounding). How can I stop this from happening all the time and having to keep resetting the default by going through the programs?

Also I hear vibrating sounds later on in the afternoon after wearing the aid all day, this includes both my voice and other people’s voices. My Audi feels that there is nothing he can do to stop that. Is there anything that can me help as I have never ever had this problem before with my old silicon custome made full shells.

I know this is long winded, but would like some help as to what to do next. My Audi has been great in trying to sort this situation out since October last year, but even he is getting frustrated with what to do next to help me. He keeps making small adjustments to the frequencies every time I go in to see him which has been almost every 2nd week since October, but I feel like we arent getting anywhere.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:

Hz 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8L
Left 50 75 75 80 80 85 Wear HA in Left Ear Only
Right 95 110 115 110 X X

I think the “vibrating” sound you hear is the feedback cancellation working (or kind-of working is what I would call it). I had the same issue. If you can turn that OFF and get by without the vent, you might have success. You just have to get used to your own voice sound.

Here’s a short update so far.

We have gone back to square one of many months of trying to fine tune my new Siemens Pure Carat 701’s RIC.

My Audi has used the recordings from my old digital HA Siemens Prisma 2 BTE. He then program this to the new digital HA.

He has ticked the box for Programe 1 to reduce background noise when speech is recognised only.

There is some compressions but Im not sure what level he is using.

BUT…while I can hear ok sort of…everyone still sounds like they have a head cold. WHY???

My own voice still sounds distorted and feels like Im talking under water. In loud noisy situations I can barely hear my own voice.

I find Im still wearing my old Siemens Prisma 2 to work as I cant function properly as I work frontline in the company. I have had some customer complaints while Ive been wearing the new HA as I havent heard them correctly.

My Audi has been testing the new HA using the REM to compare to the old HA, and he believes that there is hardly any difference in the readings.

If anyone out there can help me please, Im at my wits end. It feels like my job will be jeopardy if I cant get this resolved.


250 - 50
500 - 75
1000 - 75
2000 - 80
4000 - 80
8000 - 85