Siemens pure 701 with TEK

I have ordered a Siemens PURE 701 RECEIVER IN CANAL WITH TEK.
What cable connects the transmitter with the TV? Is it a USB?

It appears you have to always have access to the back of the the TV to turn it off/on or set sound level. It says in the manual to turn off transmitter when not in use


You use 2 cables. First, a cable that has a “3.5mm stereo jack (female) to double RCA” plugs (male). The RCA plugs are connected to the “audio out” of the TV. The second cable will have a 3.5 mm plug on one end to connect to the 3.5 mm stereo jack, and on the other end, you need a 2.5mm plug to go to the transmitter. I leave the cables so that I can simply physically connect/disconnect the transmitter as wanted, without moving the TV. I use other cables to connect to other devices such as the iPod. I have the transmitter sitting to the side of the TV so that I can turn off/on and adjust the master volume. The TEK also can be used to adjust the volume once the TEK and the transmitter are connected wirelessly. Smiley

Dear Smiley,
Your answer was a great help. The SIEMENS manual was confusing.
I have a first generation ipod touch which I don’t think is BLUETOOTH enabled, so I assume you can connect the transmitter to the ipod touch and not take the remote with you or do you have to take both ( I am thinking primarily about when I go exercise).

With the supplied cable plug one end into the TV headphone jack and the other into the transmitter. That’s all you need to do. Same goes for your Ipod. I do this with my Pure 700’s and Tek.

Agreed Dsignr, but on my TV, that also cuts out the main speakers, so no one else could hear the sound from the TV.

While we are on the subject, I find the sound via the TEK is quite tinny, and is not a full sound. In contrast if I use earbuds, the sound is great, but I miss some of the higher freqencies (which the aids provide).

I have tried both without and with the microphones on the aids enabled, but the sound is still similar to a cheap and nasty 60’s radio.

I am going back to hopefully change the program to allow low frequencies to flow through the RICs. Any suggestions?

Ideally (using ear buds) a music player with a graphics equilizer to amplify the higher frequencies seems to be the ideal solution, as from what I read, decent headphones/ear buds are much better reproducing music than even the most expensive hearing aids.

Smiley :slight_smile:

L 15 30 40 60 55 60 65 70
-250 500 1K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K
R 10 20 45 55 50 55 60 65

Sorry it took me so long to reply but there was a delay in getting the aids. Your instructions were great.Got hooked to TV,how ever the transmitter LED continuously blinks and bluetooth isn’t active.
Any ideas?

Great instructions. I followed them but the transmitter light continuously blinks and the blue tooth is not enabled. Any ideas? Took a long time to answer because o delay in getting aids.
Thanks Chuck

Have you selected the button on the tek which your audi set up for the Bluetooth transmitter? You will also need to have the tek within 18" of your hearing aids.

Also if you have a cable box, home theater system or even a wii it will most likely have
an audio port which you can try.