Siemens Pure 701 vs. Phonak Smart V

I visited my old audiologist today. She suggested the Phonak Smart V for me. ($2200 for each). No financing options at all. I’ve been considering Hearing Revolution buying Siemens Pure 701 (which I know is top of their line) or ReSound Alera 9.($1995 a piece) There is financing and an audi with a good reputation that would be included in price.

Can anyone compare these three companies for quality? Is Phonak in a class by itself compared to Siemens and Resound? Is it worth considering the last two because I would be getting the top of the line aids?


can i suggest that you try all three and see which is best for you --------- personally I feel Phonak are ahead of the game — you should use the Smart S V as opposed to smart ---- the new spice hearing aids are truly excellent for many people

Siemens pure is old now ----- and as for resound - well they are resound and haven’t really set the world alight since the Dot

Good luck --------- and comparing prices in India and the US by the way is rather silly — whole different ballgame there. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I hav try only Siemens 701 and Phonak Versata and now Widex Passion 115. I much say: Widex have much better sound-quality (music and speech) than Siemens and Phonak.
I know Passion 440 is better than Passion 115. But I take 115 only because of lover price.

Sorry my ‘english’