Siemens Pure 701 vs Micon 5 and Micon 7

I have been reading this forum for some time now. Let me start off by saying that it is very helpful forum. I am trying to buy a hearing aid for my father. He has severe hearing loss. I have attached an audiogram of his. He mostly uses right ear hearing aid only. He lost his 701 pure hearing aid for right ear so i am looking for new one to buy for him. I saw that micon 5 and 7 are new and as shown are better than pure 701. Can anyone of you please suggest which one to buy for him? Also if any of you know is it possible to buy refurbished micon 5 or 7 from somewhere?

The table below lists the differences between the performance levels. If your father is in quiet situations most of the time, the 3mi will be more than adequate. You may also want to consider lower-cost products from other Siemens brands like Rexton Strata and Hansaton X-Mini.

Thanks for your reply. Problem is he is in India and i cant take him to test out these machines to see which works for him best. And machines in Indian are almost more than double the price here. So last time i took pure 701 ric. Which works ok for him. I was thinking to take something better than 701 this time. Do you think 7mi will be the best option?

The 7mi replaced the 701, so it would be the most logical choice.