Siemens Pure 701 Software. Need Help!

Hi people, I am Carlos from Brazil.

I bought a pair of Siemens Pure 701 4 months ago, but I still cant use it, because my local assistence has not the software to connect the HiPro to the Siemens Pure 701 hearing aids.

I am looking the cd software to buy, but I still cant find some one to sell me.

Can anyone help me out ?!


You can download the Connex software at Rexton’s site and then ask your local assistance for the Siemens hearing aid database to install to Connexx.


I have Connexx 6.4 and have recently found that 6.5 is now available in some countries but not in the US.

Can anyone confirm this?

I also know that 6.5 is available for download on the Rexton site.

If downloaded, will the Siemens 6.4 database thst i have work with the updated version of Connexx from Rexton?

If not, can I simply “read” my Pure HAs with Connexx without the updated database or will have to have the Siemens database?


ain’t really any difference between 6.4 and 6.5 unless you plan to switch to their XCEL fitting formula. 6.5 does contain an update for the miniTek (3.0) which increases the numbers of phones and mp3 devices that can pair and also adds a way to lock the miniTek if you like to keep it in your pocket. My Siemens Pure Caret 701’ w/hp receivers and miniTek were updated to 6.5/3.0 last week.

Hi, connexx is very difficult to find or to buy. Here are a link with connexx 6.4 BUT is for hansafit HA, is the connexx 6.4 but only for Hansafit hearing aids.

Is in Spanish and NOT are the data base for Siemens hearing aid, I thing is Sifit 6.3 where you are your siemens 701.
Does anybody know where find sifit 6.3?..