Siemens Pure 700 vs Pure 701

I use a Siemens Pure 700 in my left ear and my AU.D suggest that I should add a right ear device. but I understand that the 700 has been replaced by the 701.

The AU.D says the 700 and 701 are compatible but was vague on the differences/upgrades.

Also, the additional cost was quoted at $2400. This does not fit my budget at this time.

Anyone have the specific differences?

Are there refurbished units available at a better price?

Thanks to all in advance and regards

main difference is the better feedback canceler… they also have speech focus which is not a bad feature but doesn’t set the world on fire…

if cost is an issue why not check out the pure 501

Burra, thank you very much for the information. Would the Siemens Pure 501 in the right ear work with my existing Pure 700 in the Left ear?


Yes it would work… And the 501 is has most of the features of the 700 so would sound very similar

burra: my continuing thanks for the feed back. What would be the approximate savings of the 501 over the 701? Thanks to you I have been able review the differences on the Siemens website and the feature differences do appear to be slight. Without your guidance, I would have never thought that the 501 would work. This may mean the difference between doing with out a right ear device and improving my hearing due to budget restraints of an additional 1800 to 1900 dollars.

Thank you again and regards,

Not sure of the savings… you seem to pay a lot less that what is the norm here in australia _not sure if it’s due to turnover, wholesale pricing, or our government system that’s the cause (i suspect all 3)… without going over the spec sheets all I can think of that is different between the pure 700 and 501 is that the 700 has 4 more channels (which I don’t think makes that much difference)… the feedback canceler in the 501 is actually better than the 700… at the moment the pure 501’s (for value) and the otolens’ are my 2 favourite aids and the ones I mostly recommend all things considered…

I just switched from 700 to 701 RIC and these are the items I found:

701 Feedback control is much better
701 Loud sounds seem too loud and normal sounds seem not loud enough.
701 Voices are much more harsh
701 the difference between the various programs such a TV, Music, universal seem less.
701 does not have the tones that indicate full volume half volume and lowest volume. I found those handy.
700 receiver seems less harsh than the 701
I would switch back to the 700 if I could but the amp is dead.
It does seem that in a meeting the 701 is better but in one on one conversation the other party is too loud and harsh and my own voice seems distorted in comparison to the 700
I am going back to see if the 701 can be adjusted via programming.
Any comments or advice welcomed.

I am very sure this can be corrected via programming. I have been shown those before. Just ask for all the beeps during your next visit. :smiley:

Are they not carrying the older 700s at all? We still have the older series, but also carry the new series. Might be worth asking, altho you probably already have…

dr. amy

Thank you dr. amy for the suggestions. They say that they do not have the older Pure 700 or refurbs. However, the solution seems to be at Cost Co with their Kirkland Premium at $1999.99 for two that are said to be the equivilant of the Siemens pure 701 and include a 3 year warranry (plus one year if put on the Amex card). So, for the same money ($2k) I get two new 701’s, 4 year warranty, and keep the old Pure 700 as a spare. in addition, the investment I have in the old Siemens remote and bluetooth tv/av device still works. I think this is the way I will go.


Just for clarification, are you gettign Kirkland Premiums OR Pure 701s? The reason I ask is that i doubt your Siemens Tek is compatible with the Kirkland series of hearing aids…

Sounds like you have it all sorted out, so good luck with everything :slight_smile:

dr. amy

Costco demoed the Siemens tech with the Kirkland Preminums (and with Rextron) and the Siemens tech works perfectly with both. So I am good to go. Thank you for your follow up and regards,