Siemens Pure 700 - Problems with Speech Comprehension?

I recently got two Siemens Pure 700 aids, and have had them for about a month now. I have been back several times to the audiologist, and am still noticing my speech comprehension is worse than it was with my old aids! I hear everything else a lot better, but am really having difficulty in this one area. Has anyone else gotten these aids, and having this problem?

i tried the pure 500 not 700 for two weeks and i had the same probleme

Did you end up with a different model or brand?

Refer comments on other posts. This is my first week after the audio set up
4 of my 5 programs and I’m waiting for my kids to pair the Bluetooth Tek
remote control with my Nokia 2630 mob. phone. I followed the book without success, but all other features are working great, though volume on music
channel needs quick reduction to avoid feedback highpitch squeel.
will be back, cheers

Tek connect with devices via Bluetooth or 3.5 Audio jack. That’s why you can not connect Nokia 2630 to TEk.

I have the Pure 500 which are similar to the 700s.

I noticed speech comprehension problems while watching TV.

I returned to my dealer and he made adjustments which have corrected my problem. A plus was that my dealer wears aids and had similar problems.

Ref: Speech comprehension problems.

Can you find out just what adjustments were made to your Pures to improve speach comprehension?



Did you ever get a solution with your Pure … and speech recognition adjustments?


I could not see exactly what my audi did. He made two changes, one of which was to improve comprehension of female voices. It amounted to an increase of response in the upper frequencies. I didn’t really see which software button he clicked first.

He said he could increase it more if I needed. The overall volume response of my aids has increased and he said I might need to decrease it. What I do is use program 2 (noisy environment) unless I need to listen to TV. It seems to work pretty good. Not sure if I need to go back for more adjustment.

I, too, have experienced problems with my pair of Siemens Pure 700 since purchasing them almost a year ago. I, too, think I hear worse now than I did with my old aids.

Basically, they sound muffled. In general, all sounds are cloudy. Not crisp. I’ve been to my audiologist several times for re-tuning, but nothing seems to help.

As for speech comprehension, someone could be standing 2 feet away from me, and I have to ask them to repeat.

The noisy environment channel on my Tek does nothing to help. Channel 4 has been programmed for TV coming through the Tek with a mixture of ambient sound coming from the aids. Believe it or not, I hear speech better on this channel than I do on my “normal” channel, even though after a while it gives me a headache.

On the normal channel, I ride the treble all the way up and amplify volume when I’m trying to hear speech, but this only helps a bit.

I think it could be any of the following:

  1. The speech detection/ isolation part of the chip
  2. The compression settings
  3. Whether or not the chip is “learning” the wrong things, because my inability to hear speech is getting worse, not better.

I’m at a total loss for what to do. If there are any audiologists familiar with these aids who can assist, I would be grateful for your input. I’m half tempted to just throw these out and demand that Siemens provide me with an older digital model. This is truly a disaster. I don’t hear better. I hear worse.

I purchased the Pure 500’s in January. These are my first HA’s and I agree that voice comprehension is poor.

But… did you know that if you adjust the volume and or treble with your tek, then turn your HA’s off by opening both HA battery doors at the same time and then closing and turning them on your new setting will become the new default. All the levels will now will be re centered.

You can do this multiple times to to make a considerable changes but be carefull no to get to far out of adjustment.

Thanks for the tip.

This goes to one of my main questions/ concerns with this HA, and that is does the chip “learn” and remember badly over time, so that the learning feature of the chip could actually be worsening your ability to hear.

For example, if I’m in a noisy environment, and I increase the volume and the treble in order to hear speech better, but all it does is increase the overall volume of the noise and do little to better comprehend speech, will the chip then remember that setting that next time it hears a lot of noise, and increase the overall volume but do nothing to help with speech? I do believe the TEK tells the HAs to do that.

I’m confused and concerned as to what this learning feature does, because my speech comprehension ability seems to be getting worse over time, as if it’s learning incorrectly.

There are so many variables with this hearing aid: compression, speech comprehension, tone (treble and bass), and volume in the controls, that trying to fine tune them through an audiologist could be a long and laborious process. I’ve been to the audiologist 3 times now over the past year and I’m not satisfied. With so many variables – and each could affect your ability to comprehend speech – what do you do?

For example, compression affects your ability to hear speech. Do you drop the compression and increase the range of EQ tailored more for speech? Vice versa? Do you do that AND turn off the special speech comprehension ability? It’s like you could do 9 different things, but in order to see what is actually causing the problem, you have to adjust each thing by itself, requiring time and multiple trips to the audiologist.

Another thing that concerns me is that the first time I put these ons, my initial reaction was that they sounded “cloudy” and “muffled” compared to my previous (non digital) analog Siemens hearing aids, where I’m used to hearing more treble (and speech). My old HAs sounded more “crisp” than these. I was told that this was the difference with digital, in that you hear a wider range of sound. But I really do believe that my inability to hear speech that well has something to do with my original reaction to the sound when I first put them on.

It took too many visits to my Audiologist to zero in my first HA’s. Pures are quite expensive as I am sure you must know. I am persistent and following each visit there has been a considerable improvement. I chose not to become a back seat Audiologist by asking for specific changes. Instead I offer accurate descriptions of what I like and dislike about the audio quality. I am now at a B+ satisfaction level.

To answer your question, I have been told that the tek only raises or lowers the overall volume and treble and revises the defaults. The learning ability has to do with the chip. My Audi can tell me how many minutes of loud or soft sounds I am hearing between visits and can adjust accordingly. This is part of the logging feature.

Be persistent until you specialist gets it right for you. The Pures are very complex instruments and take that much more effort to customize to your needs.

Just my 2 cents.

I wish I saw this forum before spending $9000AU on a pair of Pure 700 hearing aids.

They are by far the worst hearing aids I have had.

The ‘features’ and ‘tek’ and bluetooth capabilities are just artificial luxuries – dont be conned… stick to your brands like Bernafon, if only I could turn back time.

Siemens customer service is appauling - they cant even provide support for them and dont even both answering complaints - they are a business driven by profiteering on our misfortunes. :frowning:

The hearing aids are ‘small’ but really without the ‘tek’ they are useless - you cant even adjust the volume on them without the tek control. The background noise reduction is useless - the Bernafon hearing aids I had 10 years ago were 100 times better.

At the moment (despite about 15 visits to 2 different audiologists adjusting the settings and replacing the ear moulds and shape/style) I still having issues - the most annoying is the constant random whistling…

if you are thinking about buying these hearing aids, feel free to message me - i highly recommend you look elsewhere.

if your not convinced and want to buy yourself a pair - MINE ARE FOR SALE!

I just decided on Agil Pros, but Siemens Pure 700 is another model I would have considered. I say “would have” because I became very skeptical of them after reading this forum. I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone speak highly of them, and I have read many complaints. My audi doesn’t fit many Phonak instruments because she thinks they have terrible customer service. I decided on the Agils because my audi has the most experience fitting Oticon HAs. I figured I would probably have the best outcome that way.


I understand this feeling very well. I myself switched from Siemens Triano SP to a Phonak Naida V UP and ran through innumerable audi visits and still never felt satisfied.

What I learnt along the way (i’ve got profound loss)

  • i almost never enjoyed any form of compression. if you don’t know how it works for you, tell the audi about it
  • if you switch between brands, chances are that you’ll take sometime to adjust
  • it sometimes makes sense to start with a clean slate.
  • the brain re-wires sounds and you learn on it over 3-4 weeks. Its painful, but what sounds incomprehensible today would be alright after a couple of weeks.

So, don’t give up hope. Keep trying, and try to articulate your hearing issue as well as you can.

Good luck,
Bangalore, India

Thanks for your input.

I tend to leave my 700s on auto most of the time!

I’m not a great mobile user and when I tried the Tek my favourite was to have the television or audio bluetoothed. Unfortunately there were phase delays resulting in echo between the speaker sound that my wife was listening to and what I was getting from the hearing aid.

The bluetooth on the Tek would not communicate with the bluetooth on my netbook.

I decided instead to get the cheaper standard remote (outrageously priced at £99)

Please see my new thread about the planned obsolescence and insurance problems for Siemens hearing aids

(Sorry I am not allowed to post link)

You could eliminate the phase delay by connecting a 3.5 mm cable to audio out on your tv and connecting the other end of the cable to your Tek. Only problem is you are tethered while you are listening to the tv, but you have no delay!

I have the Costco Kirklands which are the Rexton Cobalts aka Siemans Pure and am having the same problem. Having had my 1st adjustment after the initial fitting, I am still having issues with word discrimination at times and my family feels my hearing is worse than my previous HA’s. It is frustrating but I am patient. I have 2 programmes Focus 360 and Speech in Noise that don’t seem to do anything for me. I have moved from the open fit domes to the closed domes and will now willgo for the custom molds. I have worn HA’s for 20’s but I have in the past had acceptable hearing after the 1st fitting, so I do have a concern. Is this the HA’s or the Audiologist inability to program the aids properly. I find that the Bluetooth is interesting and somewhat useful, however the implementation I think is clunky. Sound quality is ok for speech and pretty poor for music. Looks like some engineers designed it without asking the end user what they really wanted.

I tried the Kirklands and got great results, except for one thing. I wanted an open fit and with my loss the Kirklands had a little feedback in certain situations. But sound-wise, they were great. They actually had better speech in noise ability than the Resound Future I have now. This was after several adjustments though. The Futures have been adjusted several times and the noise ability is now very close to the Kirklands. The Kirklands have a preset program called Nature or Outdoors (something like that). Its purpose is to cut down on windnoise but it also works as a super speech in loud noise setting. The Kirklands also came with a lot of compression. We lowered the compression and my understanding went up.