Siemens Pure 501 keeps failing

I got some Siemens Pure 501 hearing aids late last April, so they are still under warranty. The right one has been replaced four times so far, when it konked out, and now it’s gone again. The left one was replaced once. The hearing aid chap said it is due to wax - but I keep changing those little plastic thingies as soon as they get a build up of the stuff (then I clean them with one of those tablets, and I reuse them when they are clean).

So I can’t understand how the wax can get through them. I also don’t think my ears are excessively waxy. Apart from the fact that you are not really supposed to poke things up your ear - I only do it very very carefully, I wonder what I can do and whether wax build-up is really the cause. Since it’s the aid on the same ear that has failed most often I suspect it’s something about me :-(.

It’s getting embarassing sending them back all the time, though at least the recent gap has been the longest. Maybe I am learning - but I wish I knew what it were.

Any thoughts anyone?

what is failing the RIC or HA? I change the wax guards weekly and don’t bother trying to clean them… that seems to me it would just plug them up worse.

It seems that the whole unit is failing. I have swapped over batteries and the cable thing (receiver) from the other aid, and nothing. Also the other aid does not react when I press the button on this one. It’s very weird.

Changing the domes weekly might be an idea though that makes it pretty expensive…though perhaps in the long term this is worth trying

I’m not changing the domes weekly I’m changing the wax guards in my molds. I think I would build the case with Siemens that these need to be replaced. itemize all the problems start with your AD and his Siemens rep. Then keep moving up the food chain.

Ah, I don’t have molds, just domes and the receiver in my ear; ie electronics in the ear. In the past I had another make where the receiver (or, technically speaking transmitter) was in the aid rather than the ear, which made the thing rather less vulnerable. As I said, the right hearing aid has been replaced fully four times in about 8 months… once the warranty expires, in just over 2 years I can expect, at this rate, to have a hearing aid for another 4 months before I have to pay to replace it…

I understand I have the Siemens Pure Caret (RICs) with the HP receiver and molds. covering the hole in the tip of the mold is a small wax guard. Before that I have Rexton Cobalts (RICs) with a wax guard in the hole on the tip of the molds. unless one has a needle vacuum imho cleaning the wax guard causes more trouble then not. (domes also have wax guards) if the HA is actually failing and not the RIC then I don’t see what wax build up would have anything to do with it. always the right and they replaced the actually HA 4 times? I can’t believe you could get 4 bum HAs. tell us a little more about your lifestyle? do you use a ‘store and dry’ of some type? are you somewhere where the humidity is a problem?

Well, my lifestyle is pretty normal. I’m a pen-pusher (or rather keyboard-pusher) at work. No dusty environments, nothing. While I did lose one once (the left one, but it’s the right one which has been replaced so often) through sweating on a badminton court, I don’t usually do that many sweaty activities, and I try to not wear them when I do (though they are so light that I can forget). But this winter there have not really been so many ‘hot’ activities. I live in New York city, on a little island in the middle of a river. Would not have thought that it is excessively humid.

Could the wax, if it gets into the electronic bit in the ear, through the wax guard, cause it to fuse, and that backfires into the whole hearing aid?

Thanks for sharing the experience.

I dont believe wax is the problem, I do secrete quite a lot of wax and never had a problem with any kind of HA because of that. Wax is normal and it is also normal that some time there is more wax and sometimes there is little wax.

However I think that from time to time Siemens have some bad design and they wont admit it. I had the same problem with a very expensive Siemens ITE some 10 years ago and it wouldn’t stop breaking down, they changed it twice and at some time they said there was no warranty anymore (although I had the new one only 4 months). I received as an exchange (and after threatening to sue them) a BTE infiniti that held for years without the slightest problem.

My conclusion is that Siemens is a great manufacturer of HA but one they have a problem they do not help and they won’t even admit. They are strong enough to do so.

I still buy Siemens HA’s but only second hand or refurbished or overstock, without warranty (they cost a fraction of the price, between 10-30%), the reason is: Why pay for a warranty that doesn’t exist.
(*BTW, all the Siemens aids I bought used work perfectly.)

If you still can try to switch to a different model, if you don’t have to pay a lot, even to a simpler a cheaper one.