Siemens Pure 500

I have just received a pair of Siemens Pure 500 CIC hearing aids with the ‘Tec’ system with 5 programes. Although I have only had them for the last 6 days they seem a vast improvement on the Phonak aids I had before. I have managed to pair my mobile phone with the ‘Tek’ remote via bluetooth and can hear my mobile very clearly now using the remote. However, I can’t quite work out how to connect to my TV. I have a transmitter and the remote is programmed to link with the transmitter via programe 5. I have a scart connector linked to the transmitter but have no spare scart sockets at the back of my TV so my audio conneted it by using the two jack plugs. This has the effect of just increasing the volume by a fraction and does not transmit the sound from my TV direct to my aids which it is supposed to do. Is it because I am not connected via the scart? Has anyone else had any such experience of this or can offer any advice I would be gratefull.