Siemens Pure 500 user - My problems. Can any1 help me?

Hi All,

I am a first time HA user with high frequency hearing loss (I don’t have my chart with me now, so I couldn’t post it), staying in Singapore. I have bought my first HA, a pair of Siemens Pure 500 Open Fit.
Since I haven’t had any experience with HA before, I couldn’t decide whether these HAs work well or not. But, from what I have been experiencing, I am quite disappointed with these Aids since they don’t really worth the price I have paid. I paid around SG$7k (about US$4.5K), which is not a small amount for me. The reason I chose this is because my audy mentioned to me that this Digital aid has better performance in Noisy area. However, after I have been using it for 1+ month, I have to say that I could hear better WITHOUT these aids in noisy areas (e.g. Canteen, food court, mall, etc). Could you imagine that???
It works well only in quiet environment (my office), but I think all HA should be able to do that as well.
Anyway, I have several questions:

  1. What are the standard accessories we got when we purchase Pure 500?
  2. Is there any 9mm Dome for Pure 500 Open Fit? I have trouble using 8mm (the receiver is too loose for my right ear, it always come out) and 10mm (too tight for my left ear, and also make some “occlusion” effect). I have tried to use 8mm for left ear and 10mm for right ear, but it results in receiving different sound quality in each ear (right ear sounds louder) which makes me uncomfortable too.
    Hope you guys can help me to decide what I should do next… Really want to have a good hearing (or I wouldn’t have bought these HA in the first place).

try a different aid, maybe a phonak, and oticon or widex

I can’t do that since this audy doesn’t have any policy for me to return these aids :frowning:
so, I have to stick to these aids and utilize this as best as I can. Maybe with a good tuning the problems could be solved. Is there any Siemens technician in Singapore?

Can you get the audiologist to set up a “noisy environment” program for you? I had a trial with the Pure 700s, and the audiologist set up two programs for me (out of a possible five). The first was “universal” and the second was for “noisy environments.” I think that will help you a lot.

As for accessories, I got two cases, extra domes, and a ProPocket remote, which allowed me to shut off the HAs, and change the volume and programs. It was included in the price of the HAs for me, but that was the choice of my audiologist.

As far as I know, Siemens makes 8 mm and 10 mm domes. You might call or e-mail Siemens and ask them directly about 9 mm domes.

Good luck with your HAs.

Hi Fantine,

Thx for your reply =)
Yes, when I mentioned that I could hear better without HAs in a noisy place, I had tried using Noisy Mode and Universal. In fact, my audy programmed 5 channels for me:

  1. Universal
    This one works well in a quiet place, but horrible in a noisy place. It amplifies both the background noise and also the voice of one I am talking with.
  2. Phone
    Never used. Whenever I pick up my phone, it is such a hassle to grab the remote and change it to this program. Anyway, I still can use Universal channel for phone with no problem.
  3. Noisy
    This doesn’t work. From what I recall, the idea of Noisy setting is for reducing the background noise and amplifying the voice of the one you are talking with. But in my case, what this channel does is reducing the background noise (compared to using Universal mode), but also reducing the voice clarity of conversation. So at the end, I still can hear better in noisy place without using HAs
  4. TEK Wireless
    Rarely use. It is supposed to be connected to your Bluetooth phone, but from what I read in forums, it greatly increases battery consumption (which has been clarified by my audy too). So, what’s the point?
    Even now, using my rechargeable battery, I can only use the HAs for 2 days before having to recharge it again. Really, it is far better to use normal battery (more than 2 weeks before having to change)
  5. TV
    Supposed to be used while watching TV. I think it increases the amplification for high frequency voices, because I get more feedback while using this mode. Even waving my palm briefly (very briefly) beside my ear can produce the feedback. But, it doesn’t really do any good…

During my last visit to my audy, I told her all of these problems I encountered and her solution is to use Universal mode all the time. That is why, I feel that 7k is just too much for this Pure 500 if what I am using is only 1 channel, and can’t be used in noisy place. I might as well buy the cheap analog HAs since it works well in quiet place.
That is why I am wondering, could it be that all of these problems are because of the poor configuration? Is there any Siemens certified professional audy (or anyone that has been properly trained by Siemens) in Singapore? My audy is a good person, I am sure of it. But she just can’t solve the problems.

At the end, it is true that good gadget with poor configuration skill is far worse than poor gadget with good configuration skill…

Bluetooth does use more power, but the Bluetooth controller is in the phone or a similar device. The Tek is a Bluetooth interface and I seriously doubt it uses more power in Bluetooth mode and even if it does, how long are you going to be on the phone?

The phone mode program 2 is the mode the Tek and HAs switch to if the Bluetooth interface is enabled. Program 2 isn’t selectable from the Tek.

The noisy program changes the direction of the mics to the front and turns the mics in the back off.

Your audie definitely seems to need some help with the programming! Telling you to use just one program out of a possible five is just ridiculous. She’s not doing her job correctly.

I would call Siemens directly or e-mail them and ask them if they can have their representative call your audie when you visit her to help her in programming your hearing aids. Or ask them if they know of another audie in Singapore who can help you.

Any chance that you will travel to another country in the near future? Maybe you can find another Siemens-trained audie to program the Pures when you are in that country.

Ah yes, you are right!! I guess I misread the TEK manual book:

Running time of the rechargeable battery
The running time of the rechargeable battery depends on
the way the remote control is used.
􀂃 The function with the highest power consumpting is the
transmission of an audio signal. This function is active
when telephoning or listening to an external device. The
rechargeable battery will last about 5 hours in this case.
􀂃 When no transmission of audio signal is active and a
phone is paired, the rechargeable battery will last several
􀂃 When no transmission of audio signal is active and no
telephone is paired, the rechargeable battery lasts several

Now that you mentioned it, I realize that the rechargeable battery is referring to the remote battery instead of the HA battery…
Until now I never pair my HA to my phone because I am thinking it can reduce the HA battery life.
Now I am wondering, why did my audy doesn’t know this?? She also thinks that it can reduce HA battery life. Oh man, I have to tell her about this later on.

Agree with you too! That is what my concern is!
Why should I purchase high quality gadget with 5 channels if I am only using 1 channel for EVERY occasion (turn up the volume if you are watching TV or in a noisy place, turn it down if you are in a quiet place, bla…bla…bla…).
I definitely need to contact Siemens. Thx for your suggestion to travel to other countries, I never think of that before. It is really a bright idea.

Thx for all the suggestions :stuck_out_tongue: glad to know that there are some people who can help you (even by just giving suggestion) when your audy can’t… :smiley:

Make sure your audi understands what is going on with the TEK…

For example my lows are OK but I can’t hear high. So my aids boost the highs. Now if your Audi like most sets up the TEK to bluetooth with your phone they don’t adjust much. What this does is …all the sound come through the aids and since it is only increasing the volume on the highs everything sounds kid of funny. I had my audi increase all frequencies in phone and music mode so that the lows and mids would be produced in the aids.

I use my cell phone all the time and wear my pure 500’s from 5:15am to around 10pm everyday…My batteries in my aids last around 12 days before I get the “beep” and that is when I change the batteries. I don’t wait for the to die…

I have worked with my audi on adjusting my pure’s. She allows me to see the software and lets me suggest different things. I have found that small adjustments on the 500’s make a big difference on the aids. Also the aids “learn” so sometimes I will check my TEK and and will need to adjust the volume settings.

I have found that being able to work “well” with my Audi has allowed me to really “play” with the Pure’s and this has shown me that most of the complaints I read about the Pure’s can be resolved if your Audi knows what they are doing.

And I have found out that even the Siemens reps don’t always know about the aids. I mentioned how I setup my cell phone with the TEK and I had to explain why I thought
all the frequencies would need to be boosted. After that the Siemens person says…"your are right these are open fit Aids and the sound coming from your phone to your aids is only boosted at the levels set. So one would have to increase all the levels for the TEK to sound “normal”.

I also tested other aids…I have said this before if I had a lot of money I would have several different brands.

Next year I think I am going to buy some AH just to have two sets and something to play with…

I have done considerable research on this – and both my audi and I talked with the Siemens reps. ( See my posting in the Bluetooth Forums for more information.) Some clarification on TEK battery etc.

There are two communications techniques applied:
o ear2ear - very low powered [battery conservative]… it is used to communicate between the two hearing aids and the two hearing aids to / from the TEK.
o Bluetooth - high powered [ battery hungery] It is used to communicate between the TEK and your bluetooth phone and the TEK Transmitter attached to you TV, Ipod etc. When you “pair” the phone with the TEK; the battery usasge of the TEK not the HA increases. By pair, I mean you see the appropriate symbol on both the TEK and the Cell Phone. When Paired the TEK uses alot of battery power… when actually talking, it uses even more.

Per the Siemens TEK manual – the TEK battery will LAST:
When unpaired, the TEK charge can last for “Several monthS”.
When paird for Bluetooth and not talking – several days.
When Paired and talking – 5 hours.

The same applies if you substitute the TEK Transmit attached to the TV for a bluetooth connection.

I aggree with you… I don’t like to have to wonder if my TEK is going to run out of battery for other functions. and I don’t want to have to charge it each night … so I just don’t use the Bluetooth with the phone, I can hear the phone ok without it.


** Incidently, the TEK’s Displayed battery meter is “virtually worthless”:frowning:
It can show a full battery one minute and be totally non functioning dead in the next. Although not quite as bad the TEK’s battery display – the display for the two HA battery remaining power is nearly as bad, but not totally useless. I find little correlation between the multiple sounds the aids make when their batteries are running low ( no idea or explanation in the manuals of what these multiple sounds are telling me) and what you see on the TEKs aids meters.
If a cars gas gage were this bad, you’d be in real trouble. Using disposable battreries that last for a week or more, you would like to know where you stand.:mad:
This is a really useful feature; and it should not be that hard to do… but Siemens has not been able to do it YET… I’m hoping for a software upgrade.

When you mentioned 12 days, is it for the rechargeable batteries??
because my rechargeable batteries can only last less than 2 days before i have to recharge it again. So it is quite troublesome, make me have to recharge it daily!! As for the normal non-rechargeable batteries, normally i can use it for around 20 days…

I think I have to return the batteries to my audy, maybe some manufacturing defect.

Yes, I agree with you!
the battery meter really doesn’t help at all. It will show half battery only after we hear the beep sounds from our aids. Normally, the aids will last several hours after the beep sounds…

When you mentioned 12 days, is it for the rechargeable batteries??
because my rechargeable batteries can only last less than 2 days before i have to recharge it again. So it is quite troublesome, make me have to recharge it daily!! As for the normal non-rechargeable batteries, normally i can use it for around 20 days…

I think I have to return the batteries to my audy, maybe some manufacturing defect.

Yes, I agree with you!
the battery meter really doesn’t help at all. It will show half battery only after we hear the beep sounds from our aids. Normally, the aids will last several hours after the beep sounds…

I don’t understand your aggravation with having to recharge daily. You take your aids out to sleep, you have to put them somewhere, and the recharger with the drying beads acts as a dryer. Seems pretty simple to me. :confused:

Of course it makes difference. Since the batteries can last only less than 2 days, it makes me have to recharge it before the batteries is completely discharged. By doing this every time, it will shorten the batteries life time. If I am not mistaken, you can only use a rechargeable batteries for several hundred times of charge-discharge cycle…
If other people can use the same batteries for 12 days, while i can only use it for 1 day, it means I am paying 12x more expensive for the same item, right?
Well, maybe it is just me who exageratting this :stuck_out_tongue: but, that is my opinion

Btw, before using this rechargeable batteries, I was using the normal ones. Normally what I do every night is taking out the batteries from the aids and put the aids in the “Siemens Stay Dri” dehumidifier. Do I really need to take out the batteries from the HA before putting it inside the dehumidifier, or I can just put it with the batteries inside?

I think somewhere in this forum, someone mentioned that in order for the “Data Learning” feature to take effect, you have to open and close the battery compartment…

All of the rechargeable HA batteries generally require daily charging. Icemncmth was talking about disposable batteries, I believe.

  • 1 My GN ReSound Pulse aids get something like 24 hours on 5 hour charge. I’d recharge them every night. With disposable zinc-air batteries, they’d go 10-11 days.

sil3nt_ b0y, look at the size of the rechargeable batteries in hearing aids, they are the same size as the disposable batteries. Battery technology has not advanced to the point that batteries can be made that small, are rechargeable, and last long periods of time with constant use yet. The rechargeable batteries that last longer are bigger, and used in the remotes. My own MyPilot did not need to be recharged until about 10 days after I got it. But hearing aid batteries will need recharging daily. And you will still have to carry a pair of disposables with you in case you go dead with them. And you will have to be very careful to not throw away the rechargeables by accident. Also, once you activate the disposables, you might as well use them for the full lifetime as once activated, they do not store well, but lose their charge regardless of use.

No rechargeables are only good for a day.
They must be recharged each night.
I have never had them go out … even after busy 7:00 Am to 11:00 pm day.

For Siemens, I seem recall being told they will last 2 years of recharging.
I agree with the statement … you need to store them somewhere, so at might as well be the charger. I always do this. So I no longer carry spare regular batteries. When i do on a trip, I switch to regular batteries and carry spares.

Also, I with that Siemens would do a better job of LABELING their rechargeable batteries. They are expensive and you do have to be careful not to throw them out. ( I store them in the recharger case when I remove them.) It takes a magnafying glass to distinguish rechargeables from regular. I though about using a little finger nail polish, but did not want to risk: a) affecting the fit into the HA holders or b) the electrical contacts.

  1. I reported the need to turn the aids on/off to do data learning on the Siemens.
    This can be done:
    a) opening and closing the battery compartment 1/8 in. OR
    b) using the TEK to turn them off an on.

  2. You do not need to open the HA battery compartment or remove the batteries to have them recharge.

  3. You can replace the Siemens dryer cartriage with a bag of microwaveable rechargeable dryer pellets. Forgot the name of them, but my audi carries them.
    If you leave the door on you charger open for a day, the Siemens pellet will try and dehumidify the entire room, and you will need a new expensive pellet.