Siemens Pure 500 or Unitron Next 16

Which of these 2 hearing aids are better?


I would compare the YUU to the pure…

Is the Pure 700 way better than the Pure 500?

These are two of the smallest and most technically advanced hearing aids on the market. The Pure 700 is obviously a more updated version of the Pure 500, as well as costing a little more. It also boasts 16 digital channels as opposed to the 8 channels included in the Pure 500.

you need only 4 channels to max. speech underst…

I went with the Pure 500.

1/ Latest technology, should be better? yes

2/ Small and supported anywhere you travel.

3/ Rechargeable batteries, pocket remote a better choice than the 700 model for the price.

4/ The audi didn’t deal with Unitron, but I didn’t push it.

No matter which model you get, it’ll take you a few months to get used them and that’s where the audi comes in handy. You just keep going back till you’re happy.