Siemens Pure 500 not linking to each other

So I have some pretty old hearing aids…Siemens Pure 500 to be exact. I was trying to connect them through my Tek Connect to the TV a couple of months ago and since that day (might be a coincidence) the two hearing aids no longer work in conjunction with each other. I’m sure when I clicked the one (right ear for example) it would change the program on both ears…and when I switched off the one ear, the other would also switch off.
Am I correct or have I gone mad?
All of a sudden I have to use each one separately…and I went to an audiologist to try fix it and she says she can’t work with them as they’re too old and Siemens no longer supports their software…then telling me I will need to buy new HA. I just can’t afford to right now though. So I’ll continue with these…i just wish I could figure out if they did work together before as I can’t find anything on the net about it…only things about the link between HA and Tek Connect & TV.

I dunno. For starters try some searches, here and Google,
Pure 500 search

It uses a system called magnetic resonance. See Wikipedia for details.

Trouble shooting: Does it connect to the Tec? If so, one or the other still supports MR. You can then try to connect individually to show which ones work with the Tec. If both do, it may be a software glitch. Some software need pairing using the software application.

Look on the Siemens/Signia website. Signia bought Siemens. They should have a list of clinic in your area that sell their product. That a clinic that should have the older software.

That makes a lot of sense, as I can hear the TV through my one hearing aid, and not the other. The one definitely seems to have lost that magnetic link.

Thank you! I’m going to look into Signia! See if I can get help with software.