Siemens Pure 3mi - Programming and Sync Problem


My name is Dimitris and i’m from Greece.
First of all,my English isn’t perfect so forgive me for any mistake probably i’ll do.

My mom owns a pair of Siemens Pure 3mi HA. I ordered them from eBay (seller: bidbybid) 3 years ago in a reasonable price (Hear in Greece i’d have spend at least the double price to buy it). Since then, my mom wears it every day for 10 -12 hours. She has a serious loss in her hearing ability and they are necessary.

Well, since last 3-4 months the connection - communication between the aids seems to have been lost. When i try to change the volume from the right one, it changes only on this aid. The left aid seems to not respond. Actually, it always transmit in the highest level on volume and this has the consequence of making too much noise inside ear.
Obviously, changing a program from the left aid is not possible.

Has anybody facing something like this? Is it technical error or software error? What you believe…

The local dealer here in Athens, has the exclusive rights for Siemens/Signia in order to sell and repair them, but unfortunately i can’t trust them. They deceive patients and they are trying to create problem even if there is none. Therefore, they would by me last solution if i couldn’t find any other by trying to fix them by myself.

I would be grateful If anyone can provide me a solution or some thoughts.

Thanks in advance,

Buy another pair?? Link.
Learn to program them yourself? Link.
Find some other BiddeyBiddeyBiddey to trust?

Sorry, I can’t help with your problem but I just wanted to say, “Yasuo!”

I was stationed at Hellenikon Air Base for 2-1/2 years from 1979 to 1982. We lived in Ano Glyfada.

I sure miss the food.

Thanks for your reply pvc

  • Buy another pair??

I’m thinking about it but it’s not so easy as is in US. I need about 1700-2000$ to buy them from eBay + taxes (about 500 euro). If i bought them from my local dealer, they would charge me at least 3000 to 4000$.

  • Learn to program them yourself?

I want to do that. I’m trying to find a ConnexxLink on eBay but nothing until now. No one is selling it.
Probably, i’ll be a mini Hi Pro as you mention in the Link witch is very helpful and thanks for that.
But, i’m not sure if it is a hardware problem or a software that doing this. That’s my concern…

-Find some other BiddeyBiddeyBiddey to trust?

As i said, the local dealer and audiologist here in Athens has the exclusive rights for Siemens / Signia in order to sell and repair them. I have visit other audiologists but no one can take care of them.

Have you looked for online hearing aid repair places? In the US we have Lloyds Hearing Aids, but I’m sure there are some in Europe. A few hundred Euro should be able to get them repaired.

Kalispera file TexasBob :smile:

Lol…It’s Yasou not yasuo (means Hello).

I live in Peristeri, at west side of Athens. I know Hellenikon Base and Glyfada.of course… You were lucky and well treated by your service i can see.

I guess you have missed a lot Greek Souvlaki…am i wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad at least you missed something from Greece. I hope you have good memories while you were here and why not visit us again for some relaxing holidays.



I was in London a few weeks ago and i send an email to a local audiologist there describing him the same things as i did here. His answer was:

“We can do that for you. Our fee to register, assess and re-programme devices purchased elsewhere is £380 (plus any parts) and you can then either pay as you go for appointments (typically £30-£60), or join one of our monthly service plans.
I would point out though that the micron range that your mother has is quite old now, and I don’t believe that Siemens are still servicing them if they were to need a lab repair. It may be better to consider updating her hearing aids.”

The price sound’s to high to me. I don’t know… We didn’t made the appointment.

Moreover, that’s why i’m here. Το get some ideas and trying to find the best solution i can.


Seems like a hardware failure to me.

Don’t pay EBay vultures for Software. Connexx is right here;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

Oh, you said ConnexxLink, sorry.

One thing I might try is go to another location (free from any wireless interference) and see if the hearing-aid-to-hearing-aid communications is still missing.

I’m afraid it is,yes…

I have already download and installed Connexx 8.4
I don’t have the needed cables and a Hi pro of course… But i was looking also for a ConnexxLink for wireless programming.
But, hard to find it, however…

I will try that…

I changed also the miniReceiver 2.0 § with a new one. But nothing changed on aid-to-aid communication. The sound is better and clearer but it’s keep working in high power and volume is to high…

Can the e2e connectivity between aids change through Connexx platform? Is it possible to optimize it or not?

With software you can generally set the buttons, for example Left button volume down, right button volume up. But when you Start or Restart the hearing aids it should go back to normal volume.

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The receivers come in different powers. Did you pay attention to that?

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Powers S, M, P, and SP;

No they are not return back in normal volume…On the right aid, button up for volume up and button down for volume down. On the left aid, button up for changing programs and button down for opposite process.

Yes, obviously i know. I have change them many times. It’s the P power and she uses double domes 10/12 mm.
For her hearing condition, which is severe the most appropriate is the HP but we couldn’t find an audiologist to make the custom shell. :confused:

That’s all I can think of?? Did the problem start when you changed the receiver or No?

Hmm…No i don’t think so. I Can’t remember actually.
The problem started the past 4-5 months. Until then, the aids worked good.
I don’t know…It could be start due to receiver change?
If yes, that’s weird.

LOL! I guess I got my fingers tangled up on “Yasou”.

I’ll admit to missing Souvlaki me Pita, but that’s not the only one. I can remember dolmathes and calamari, but I’ve forgotten pretty much all the rest. I don’t remember ever having a bad meal there. When we came back to Texas in 1982, they were selling Gyros everywhere. When we asked what that was and they told usit was Greek, we didn’t know what to say except that we lived there and never heard of it.

I think we went through Peristeri on the way to Araxos. Do I remember that right?

Food isn’t the only thing I miss. There was always snorkeling in the Aegean and, of course, girl watching. :grinning:

I’d like to visit, but that’s just not going to happen now. I’m retired… lots of time and no money. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well inside the fitting software you specify what size receiver"P" and then if you replace the actual physical receiver with another size that could affect the sound/volume. But you say it was always “P”.

Can you get a magnifying glass and verify the receiver markings? I’m not familiar with Siemens markings but it should say “P” somewhere on the receiver under the domes.

Yes, it is P. It always was P because i have order and change them by myself every time so i know it pretty well.

Is there a possibility the eCharger to be responsible for communication loss?