Siemens programming battery pill cable adapter


I am very happy to find this forum which is a mine of knowledge.
Sorry for my bad English…as I am French.
A short story: I had a sudden hearing loss of both ears (60 on all frequencies). Fortunately, after a treatment in compression chamber, I have recovered partially my hearing (45 mainly on low frequencies and 25 on high) but my otologist did not diagnose in time an hydrops (not yet a Meniere’s disease). So my hearing fluctuate widely on bass and my otologist directed me to an audiologist.
Today I have two HA Siemens Life 501. It could be ok but despite the fact the HA has 5 programs, and that I asked to the audiologist to try adapting these programs to my fluctuating hearing, he doesn’t want and he said I have to buy a remote control. I don’t want.
So today I own a HI Pro, a pair of CS44 cable, a good knowledge in computing and acoustics (my job) and I am looking for the programming adapter (CS44 to 312 pill).
Impossible to buy it in Europe due to the HA sales monopoly of audiologists (obvious: prices of my HAs 4500$).
If anybody could help me…
Thanks in advance.

Hi, try here
I buy here, but I buy the hipro too. I have siemens life 501 too, but I dont know if you can buy only the cables. You can write.

Hi mikele,
Many thanks to you for this link !
No problem to sell my Hi Pro and to buy a new one with the set of cables !
Perfect for me.
Best Regards

Ok, they supply the software connexx too, you can star auto-programming.
Regards from Spain
(My english is more bad than your english):slight_smile:

In addition to connexx software, do they provide the Bluetooth (BT) Connexxlink package too.

I cannot find offerings for this on the internet. My Audi does not want to provide these tools.

Can I program via HI-PRO USB the Siemens 701 Pure Carat HA’s ?
Is this just cables, specific for the type of HA’s one wears ?