Siemens Pro Pocket Remote

Help! Can anybody tell what all the different beep codes mean??? The manual doesn’t explain anything. Thanks.

There are different beep codes to identify the programs. One beep for program, two for program, etc.

a. The pocket pro has controls two functions.

  1. The volume.
    The response can be changed by the audi.
    to provide more or less specific feedback or none at all.
    Basially, it has a max sound which is high pitched repeditive.
    it has a min sound which is lower pitched and repeditive.
    it ( can have if set) a central sound which is a unique sound
    going about 6 clicks for max to min you will hear this sound

  2. The Programs
    This is a little tricky… since one aid talks to the other, their can be
    a slight delay. So you have to pay attention to which ear the sound is
    is coming from. Other wise what is one beep …can sound like two
    beeps when coming from the other ears aid.

    Basically, program one is 1 beep, Program two is 2 beeps etc.
    ( It is possible that the programs set up by the audi as he/she programs
    the aids is standard, bluetooth, music, noise suppression, Tek
    BUT the Pro is set up for some other sequence. !!!


Thanks for the detailed explanation. I should have been more specific in my initial question – it was how to decipher the volume adjustment beeps that I was having trouble with. I’ve now experienced with your explanation in mind, and I think I can distinguish the central sound and the highest setting sound. The lowest setting sound I can’t hear, so I’ll need to talk to the audie about that.

As for changing the programs, I hear the single and the double beeps when I press the P button on the remote, but I hear them as “centralized” in my head, not on one aid and then the other, which is what I hear when I change programs by using the button on either one of the Pures, instead of the remote.

In any event, I’m going back to my audie on Wednesday to see if she can adjust the dome in my right aid to make it more comfortable and to control the feedback I’m getting.

Thanks again for the help. :slight_smile:


How do you like your Siemens Pures?

Particularly what do you think of the naturalness of the sound quality?

Did you ever trial the Siemens Motion?

and lastly is you loss in the highs or lows ??? ( audiogram)


I’m less happy with the Pures (BTEs) than I initially was. I still have horrible feedback problems, caused by music, elevator chimes, scratching paper, microwave timers, etc., especially in quiet enviroments. The Pures do handle noisy environments quite well, but I need HAs that allow me to function at work, not in the subway or when driving a car. Just as I sit here typing on my keyboard, the sounds of my typing and clicking the mouse generate feedback. The constant squeaking is very nerve-wracking.

The sound is not natural at all. Both my voice and those of others sound tinny and mechanical. I miss the natural sound of my old Natura 2 CICs. There is also a scratchy background hiss that I hear behind music or someone’s voice – something very mechanical.

Never tried the Motions, sorry.

My audigram is below. Most of my hearing loss is in the lower frequencies, as you can see.

I’m seeing the audie tomorrow. I have two weeks left in the trial period, and I’m getting ready to throw in the towel with the Pures and discuss getting CICs again.

How do the CICs feel in your ears? I have tried a BTE with custom fit mould and did not like the feeling of the moulds in my ear - made me feel blocked up. Would this be the same feeling if it was a CIC?

Honestly, the CICs never bothered me. I got used to them being in my ears very quickly, perhaps because I was already accustomed to wearing musicians’ earplugs. However, I only wore my CICs at work, from 8 to about 5, so it’s not as if I had them in my ears from waking up to going to sleep. I can see where that would be more difficult.

At the moment the first thing I do when I get home is take these aids out! For all the good they are doing I hate wearing them.