Siemens over the ear

A couple of days ago I ordered 2 siemens over the ear.I also have the Siemens in the canal I get alot of whistle with them is it becauce they are set too loud or they don’t fit right? I might have better luck with the new ones they will fit better and the technology might be more advanced.The ones in the canal are about 2.5 years old. any advice would be appreciated.

The BTE (Behind-The Ear) style aids should be more comfortable to wear and produce less feedback (whistling). :wink: The separation of the mic and receiver plus better feedback management technology made a huge difference when I switched to BTEs.

You didn’t mention the model of aid you’re buying. I wore CICs for 12 years and had to go with Comply Soft Wraps to control the feedback and still didn’t get the benefits I now receive with my new BTEs.

Many people, myself included, avoid BTEs due to cosmetic reasons. The newer mini-BTEs are very small and discrete. I bought Siemens Centra HPs that are not “minis” but still use a size 13 battery and are relatively compact while offering all the bells and whistles (pun intended :D) plus a large amount of gain (75 dB).

I’m glad I switched to BTEs and hope you are too. Good Luck!