*****SIEMENS NITRO****** Woooohoooo!

I received my Siemens Nitro hearing aids last Monday. These were purchased online from the USA (eBay). I am in Australia.

I have been using HAs since Jan 2001 when I stared off with Phonak Astro CICs.

A couple of years ago I acquired a pair of Bernafon Flair 110 BTEs which I have worn daily and only used my Astro CICs as emergency back-ups. Because the Astros were killed recently by a local hearing aid repair company where I sent them for quotes for repair, I needed another pair of back-ups.

Because of my hearing loss (moderate to severe) I was told that CICs were not an option for me and BTEs were the only HAs to suit my loss levels.

Until the Siemens Nitro came along!

The Nitro Basics (6 channel - larger matrix 128/70) had been programmed to my most recent audiogram, but they have not been fitted. I had a full fitting done yesterday. The audi commented that the US dispenser did a very good job of programming the Nitros comparing to the REM she did. Also, the audi seemed to know her way around the Nitro software and any questions were quickly and professionaly answered.

A few minor adjustments done and I am extremely happy with the Nitros!

Wore them to work today - high background steady-state noise environment and I felt very comfortable with the sounds around me. More comfortable than with the Bernafon Flair 110 BTES.

No issues with feedback at all.

They have been programmed for three different levels. 1 = -3Db 2 = Normal 3 = +3Db.
They fit well and are easy to insert and remove and the program push button is easy to locate and use.

The only issue I had with feedback whistling was when I inserted them and I asked the local audi to program in the Power On Delay which has solved the insertion whistling problem.

Sounds are natural and easy on the ears. Music sounds good. Work OK on the phone too.

For those with moderate to severe to profound hearing loss, the NITROs may well be an option for you if you would like to wear CIC’s. Only slightly larger than my Phonak Astro CICs.

The only disappointment is the Siemens Wax Guard system, (not C-Guard which is not avalable with the larger matrix) which appears to have quite large gaps in it compared to the CeruSTOP wax guard system. Both systems are the same size and appear to be interchangable so I am using the CeruSTOP on on one and the Siemens Wax Guard on the other.

There are Customs issues when importing HAs into Australia, and any Aussies here who want to know more and how to fastrack the importation, please contact me for a simple and speedy solution.

Right now I am doing a SIEMENS NITRO happy dance!!

I will report again in a week or so.

Great forum.

All the best from Melbourne.

Lucius Sulla

Hi Sulla,

I am very pleased that they are working well for you! :slight_smile: Also impressed that you have no Feedback - It seems it was a good choice for you after all. Well done for sticking to your guns.

interesting, is this a new model…
some of the previous post people did not have that results

So how exactly does the dance go? You put your right foot in… :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are doing well!

The Nitros were offered to me a month ago but my audiologist felt that I might grow out of the range in one ear fairly soon. She recommended the Siemens Artis 2P BTE instead which she indicated would have latitude to grow. I asked about the Centra…she said they weren’t worth the extra money. She also regularly fits phonak as well but she indicated that the Artis 2P was what I needed.

Right ear is kind of a cookie bite 60…55…70
Left is more typical slope 30…80

After about three adjustments (latest a couple days ago) over the past month they are really performing very well. I suspect that I haven’t had any really usable hearing in the right ear in years. Wasn’t until the left year began to fail a little shade at a time that I began to have real difficulty (loss of reliable hearing function). I’ve been struggling for 4 or 5 years until it basically became almost impossible under all but ideal conditions.
I just plain got sick of the struggle. I guess this was good because I was willingly ready to try anything that was recommended.

In 4 weeks I seem to have totally adjusted to these HAs and I can actually hear with my right ear…took a couple of adjustments to reach that level but seem to be there now. I can actually go into any meeting setting and hear everything that is going on around the room. I went to a big conference and even ended up in the back of the room for one session and could hear just fine. This has made the hassel worth it without question. There are still situations with hi area or background noise that remains difficult but nothing is perfect.

I have made this post mostly for those who tend to sit back and listen from the sidelines as I did for months. It is worth taking the plunge is about all I can say.


Problems in importing from US to Oz? Looks like about half the price. Are there any problems about getting local audios to alter programmes or adjust? At present I cannot find anyone who is not pushing one particular brand and would like independand information/tests. Any ideas?

Great to hear such enthusiasm from “Sulla”.

I had no customs issues with the “migration” of my Centra Actives from Bali to Brisbane.

I had even less issues in finding an audio to set them up.

I probably do have an issue if anything goes wrong with them … but hey , I could buy at least five replacement centra actives for the bundled prices being quoted to fellow dwellers in “Brisvegas”, and still be ahead.

tgh - Did you get a Siemens Warranty card? My first discussions with Siemens AU today suggest that the original warranty as stated on the card will be honoured by Simens AU regardless of the country of origin. i.e. not limited to 12 months.

I think that your statement “but hey , I could buy at least five replacement centra actives for the bundled prices being quoted to fellow dwellers in “Brisvegas”, and still be ahead.” is a little loose. The first thing I did was question warranty issues for local service from Siemens Hearing in AU.

Peter - The Nitro (larger matrix - the one I have) fitting range is almost identical to the ARTIS 2P. I went for the larger matrix to allow for future “headroom” as my loss is borderline (i.e. just within the fitting range) for the smaller matrix Nitro. Message me for links where you can see the fiiting range for each model.

Keith Crabtree If you call Siemens AU and obtain a “Siemens preferred” dealer in your area, I am sure that you will have no servicing issues. However a preferred dealer may not be to keen to make ear impressions for you. I had my ear impressions made by a national hearing chain, and they were quite happy to assist me with fitting etc once the aids arrived. I think they were very happy when I gave them $120 for the hour for the fitting of my Nitros,
REM etc. Message me for for more info re the Nitros source, a source in your area for ear impressions and the follow up service issues.

The issues in importing from OS to OZ are minimal really. It is just a matter of having all the correct AU Customs info, which I can provide. Once the aids hit AU it can take up to seven days to have them delivered. AU Customs fee is $40 for the “paperwork”.

I engaged a local customs broker as the Nitros arrived in Australia on a Saturday and I had an appointment with my audi on the Tuesday morning. So I really wanted them cleared by customs on the Monday - which happened. Otherwise I would have had to have waited at least a week (maybe more) for an another appointment. Even the customs broker was surprised how quickly they were cleared.

The customs broker charged me $66.

Please bare in mind that I am in Melbourne and the aids were delivered to the Melbourne AUSPOST / Customs gateway from where I collected the Nitros on the Monday afternoon.

It took about 10 days for the impressions to land at the door of my US dispenser. It then took another five days for the Nitros to be sent back to him by Siemens - done through Siemens I-SCAN. And then five working days for them to arrive in OZ. So that’s a total of twenty days from me sending the impressions. Add seven days if you do not engage a a local customs broker and three or more days if you cannot collect from your local Customs AU / Auspost gateway.

If you check my earlier posts you will see that I did a lot of research on the Nitros and other recommended HAs for my level of hearing loss. Even the dispenser I ended up buying my HAs from initially recommended a borderline pair. Perhaps this is the way that some audis sell HAs worldwide. Boderline and then upgrade after a year or two.!

I found a local audi in AU who recommended the larger matrix Nitro based on my audiometry tests. Because the Nitros are so new on the market, there arn’t many reviews of them available.

They have suited my hearing loss, but that does not mean they will suit the loss levels of others. If they did not suit, I had the right of return within thirty days and the US dipenser would only deduct his eBay listing fees and postage costs to AU from the the amount to be refunded.

This reply has taken some time to reply to, so please understand it may be edited over the next day or so; so please re-visit this thread.

Xbulder I can only see one post on this board re NItros feedback. Not “some of the previous post people did not have that results.”
One comment only from previous posts. With respect!!

Sulla, Glad the HA’s are doing it for you. Good luck with them. Howie:D

You put your right EAR IN… etc and shake it all about!

The Nitro Basics 6 channel are supreme.

I am wondering how good the Nitro 16 channel with “soundsmoothing” and the C-guard wax system are!!?
I think they would be the ultimate CIC HA for the top end of hearing loss!

Based on the various matrices I have looked at over the past month or so, during my investigation of high powered CICs, nothing comes close to the Siemens Nitro (large matrix).

If anyone is looking for a high powered CIC (moderate to severe - profound), you should consider the Siemens Nitro CICs.

Howie - thank you for your kind thoughts.

I am just “over the moon” with the Nitros!!

You put your RIGHT EAR IN, YOUR RIGHT EAR OUT… etc and shake it all about!

Hi all. Just a short update on the Siemens Nitro CIC aids.

Well it is now around 18 months ago that i received my Nitro CICs.

I have not had a major problem with them and I have worn them every day since I received them in March 2008.

On two occassions I thought they needed factory attention, but after a night in the Dry and Store and a battery change they worked perfectly the next morning. btw I my Nitros have been stored in my ears durng the day and in the the D+S every night since March 2008!

I am extremely happy with the Nitros and I am extremely happy with the Dry and Store.

Every audi who offers CICs or similar aids should include a D+S in the package.

Best regards from Melbourne Australia.

Hi Sulla,

Could you please explain how your life changed with the Nitro CIC?

I am looking for a heading aid and want CIC if possible.

My problem is with high frequencies and noisy backgrounds. I am deaf there.


D+S is a great product, I certainly include them…

Have you ever suffered from Tinnitus?

What about when having your hearing aids ?

How is speach understanding improved with Nitros??


I started search about the Nitros.

from what I found, the best solution for high frequencies hearing loss are Phonak with Sound Recover.

Can any body compare between the Nitros and Phonak Exelia Art?

i think phonak has or will have shortly a product that would be similar to the nitro


I love your responses, but I appreciate if you could be more detailed.

From your point of view, do you think that Nitro is good for high frequncies hearing loss??

Hi stream2525.

The Nitros were not my first pair of HAs. They simply replaced a set of analogue CICs I have had since 2000.

I think the only way you will get an answer to your questions is to try the HAs you show interest in.

HAs and Hearing Loss are really a personal thing. What has been very good for me, may not necessarily be very good for you. (One man’s meat etc). It a large financial outlay and you really have to try and get it right the first time.

I bought my NITROS on eBay, but I was not a first time user. I pretty well had an idea of the steps I needed to follow having gone down the buying path once before. Even then I feel I have been fortunate with the Nittros in that they have worked perfectly and since their initial re-adjustment by my local audi in 2008 they have not needed further attention

If they were my first HAs I would not have followed the same path. I would have used the services of an HA professional.

I hope this helps.

Best regards from Melbourne Australia.

Lucius Sulla

Hi Sulla :slight_smile:

I understand the fact that the impression of using a hearing aid varies from one person to another.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>
I just need to know your feedback on usage of the Nitros particularly in using them in noisy backgrounds and with high frequencies sounds.<o:p></o:p>
I read here that this product( Nitro) has failed because so many didn’t like it.<o:p></o:p>
You have good experience with them, so it would be so much helpful if you could explain to me and others why and how these Nitors are great for you.<o:p></o:p>
Again I say that it is well known that what it good for you might not necessarily good for others, but remember that even you wanted to know more about aids before you decide to take the Nitors.<o:p></o:p>


I am back for another brief report!

It is now around the three year mark since I received and started wearing my Seimens NITRO 6 HAs.

Since receiving them in 2008 from an eBay seller in Arizona, they have not left my ears for a single day. Unlike my first HAs (Phonal Astro CICs) which went back to the HA hospital every threee months or so; the NITROs have proved to be TOTALLY reliable. There were two occassions where I went back to my my Audi with what I thoiught was an HA problem, but both times the problem was due to blocked wax guards; and as soon as they were replaced - well back to normal!

I also place great faith in the Dry and Store, where my HAs have spent every night for the past (almost) three years.

If you use CICs or similar I recommend the D&S!

Greetings to all from Melbourne, Australia.

Lucius Sulla