Siemens Motion 700

Hi everyone - this is my first post and I’m staggered by the information and knowledge that’s found here. Here’s my situation. I contacted HearingPlanet and they sent me to an audi. Got tested yesterday (unfortunately don’t have a copy of my stats) and they recommended the Siemens Motion 500 or 700.

I’ve worn a Siemens ITC aid in my right ear only for over 10 years. I’ve taken good care of it and it’s held up pretty well for a 10-year old HA. Now I’m really in trouble with my hearing and need 2 HA’s.

My main question here has to do with whether I should get another ITC HA (or actually 2) – or whether I should try the BTE models. I think the audi recommended ITC b/c that’s what I’ve been used to wearing.

In reading thru many of the posts, it seems that most people wear the BTE models. (That may not be right - but it seems that way to me.) What’s the reason why I should consider a BTE model versus ITC?

I’ve never ever tried a BTE model - so don’t have any idea what it’s like, or what problems exist with these.

Is there better hearing technology in a BTE model? I’m fairly impressed with the stats on the Siemens Motion 700 and am looking at possibly getting that from HearingPlanet — although I’m not hung up on buying it from them if there’s a better place to get it.

Will appreciate any suggestions or ideas on this before I make a decision.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give me.


Just to let you know that I have been fitted with Siemens Motions 300 BTE as my audi recommended them. He stated that I didn’t need the 500 or 700 series. Anyway, I have worn the ITC HAs previously such as Otico Tego & AudioControle Solo. The advantages I found with my SIemens Motion 300s were: my ears didn’t feel plugged up, my battery seems to last longer and I haven’t yet had to send them in for repairs. They are definitely more comfortable to wear. My only disadvantage with them is that with some phones, I still find it harder to hear. Otherwise, they are the best HAs I’ve ever had and the noise suppression is great.