Siemens Motion 300m ...strange sounds

Had these for a good while. Sometimes, even after batteries are 4 days in use, I’ll get a series of 4 rapid short beeps, that will repeat 3 or 4 times, in the right ear only, at which time, the volume will go way up. I need to take it out, and power cycle it, to bring it back to normal. It may do this a few times a day, or twice a week, or maybe once a week. Always the same ear. Batteries will last up to 11 days, but I always change them weekly.

A few times, very rarely, in the same ear, I’ll get a descending series of 9 tones, which might repeat a few times. This hasn’t happened in quite a while. Any idea what is happening? When they were new, my audiologist claimed he sent it back to Siemens, but they found no problem.