Siemens miniTek / Samba really basic question


My wife has a Samba middle-ear implant, and has been given a Siemens miniTek by the audiologist at the hospital. I am trying to set these devices up.
I have connected the miniTek to it’s transmitter, so that these two are paired up.
And my question is:- Exactly how does the miniTek connect to the Samba. Is it automatic? Do I have to do something? Am I missing the blindingly obvious here? Neither the miniTek instructions or the Samba website are clear on this.
Many thanks



From what I can tell, it looks automatic. Try it and see if it works. If not, seek help. :slight_smile:
Looks like the only pairing needed is with the transmitter or bluetooth compatible phone.



The miniTek needs to be activated by your audiologist and several listening programs added to the Samba before it will work. Do you know if these steps were done? Press the audio source button on the miniTek to switch to the transmitter input.

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Many thanks both of you
It looks as though connection is automatic once it has been set up.
I’ll now go away and check with the audiologist on this. Interestingly, it seems to loose the pairing with the transmitter if I press the audio source button. Again, I’ll go check.
Thanks again