Siemens Lotus 23P seems blacklisted


Hi folks.

I had Seimans Lotus 23P hearing aid sellers bookmarked for some time in hopes I could afford them one day. I like the manual 3 trimmer (NH MPO Gain) option that it provides. I have watched the price rise steady for this product. I put in my order, but the sale failed due to being out of stock.

I found it odd that I can only buy them from Asian manufacturers, who then provide it through western internet sellers. I would even buy them locally at the marked up price if I can find a mud and brick retailer on this continent that sells them.

I can run a list of speculation and conspiracy theories at this point as to why this is so, but perhaps there is an obvious answer. I can’t find any other make of digital aids with external trimmer options that is also recommended or used by hearing professionals. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

I responded to an ad from a local audiologist who was anxious to start up a clinic in my area. I made one specific request that I wanted this aid, and that I would even pay the mark up. He declined. He had the usual selection that conveniently only allowed app adjustments and one external volume change. I have no objection to the scheduled adjustment appointments, but I like the convenience, and I would sign a damage waver if I turned the volume too high.

Any help would be appreciated.


Looks like they changed the name:

Hearing amplifier, not HA, same as Lotus 23P.


Isn’t that a really old design? It may only be made as a clone. Siemens sold their hearing aid business a few years ago to Sivantos. You may find more choices on EBay and I think Amazon sells it.

I would be very surprised if any audiologist would touch it. It’s ancient. It doesn’t have any modern features. If a pro put you in that it would reflect negatively on them. “He put you in that?”

There are other choices. You can find a 2 or 3 generation old hearing aid on EBay that would be light years ahead of a 23P. Phonak Q50 would be cheap and have modern features, and you might be able to get it adjusted locally.


Thanks all for your tips.

Lou1. If I recall, the trimmers are conveniently missing on this model.