Siemens lotus 12P vs 13P

I want to buy Siemens Lotus 13P, but there is Lotus with same features.

There are a bunch of Siemens hearing aids on eBay.
I have noticed that thare are always Lotus Touching, 23P and 23SP.
But, some sellers have 12P, and some 13P with same features, and product number.

What is different?
Is that same product?


I believe this is a typo, there is no 12 P. I would just order from the 13P vendor. BTW, I’ve had mine for 9 months now and am happy with it, only negative is the push-button volume control, a regular rotary wheel would be easier.

but do not hold very long, between a year or two, so better keep an extra hearing aid in case they stop working, for the price it wont be worth fixing them

I was just told by salesperson at lovehappyshopping (just love those smiley names!) that the 12P replaces 13P, has 2 trimmers (13P has 3) and supposedly “more stable”, whatever that means.

Lots of siemens lotus info

Any help?