Siemens Life-Tubes, S-Tubes, and Domes, Oh My!

Am I correct in assuming that the Siemens Motion 700 M/VC uses both Life Tubes AND S-Tubes? Or is this an “either/or” proposition? Can anyone explain this to me? (Go slow, and use the big crayons and the wide-lined paper, please!)

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I have contacted a rep from Siemens and will let you know shortly. The patients I have with Motion products are all custom fit - no BTEs, so I didn’t know off hand. I should have an answer by the end of the day :rolleyes:

dr. amy

God Bless You, Dr. Amy - can you be my audi?

Lol I’d love to - if you’d like to relocate to blustery Ohio :slight_smile:

And for your model (M/VC) your aid is compatible with S Tubing - but NOT Life tubing (as reported by Siemens).


dr. amy

Dear Dr. Amy,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my stupid question. Could you be my audi in a long-distance sort of way? Please!?

My audi in Tampa was pretty incompetent, and made it obvious that all he was interested in was the money. “Oh, you’ll have to get used to that feedback!”

The audis I have met so far on the east coast of Florida seem even more rapacious; and they are either woefully ignorant of the products, or simply lie.

I had one audi insist that the Siemens Motion 700 did not have directional mics - even after being shown to the contrary on the Siemens web site. He actually tried to convince me that the phrase “Advanced Directional Microphone System” did not mean the aids had directional mics. And he has shocked and angered when I got up and walked out of his office! :eek:

I feel like Diogenes seeking an honest man! :rolleyes:

Perhaps I need to fly to Ohio, and seek an honest woman/audi, there! :slight_smile: I KNOW Dr. Amy is honest - she admitted she didn’t know the answer to a question. That proves to me that (a) she is honest and has integrity, (b) she is confident enough to admit she is not omnicient, oh, and © she went to an authoritative source, and FOUND the answer - out of kindness. On second thought, will you marry me? :smiley:

Lol well I am flattered for both the desire to be my patient and spouse :smiley:

I’m not sure in what way I could be of any service to you in a long-distance way as far as programming or HA services, but my advice is always free on this forum and you can feel free to call me at the office if needed.

Have you yet found an audi in your area you can trust?? I would be more than happy to call Siemens and see if they could suggest one in your area if you’d like.

P.S. - The feedback issue is why I have cut down on fitting Siemens products - word to the wise!!

Take care!

dr. amy

Please forgive my tardiness in responding. I would love a referral, Dr. Amy. But I must admit, after seeing your picture on your web site, I am doubly smitten! :o

Lol well thank you! That made my day :slight_smile:

What area of Florida do you stay? Or even a zip code? Siemens will better be able to narrow it down for me that way. Thanks!

dr. amy

Still confused about the difference between S tubes and Life tubes, and which my Motion 700s (BTE, M/VC) require. Dr. Amy says use S tubes, but my Siemens manual (page 6) calls them Life tubes. What is the difference?

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Sorry for the late reply. The difference betwee S tubes and Life tubes is that S tubes have a narrower base that connects to the BTE. According to Siemens, the Motion 700 BTE (M) uses an S tube and the Motion 700 BTE (S) uses a Life tube.

dr. amy