Siemens Intuis Pro SP Dir BTE 2 mic, ordered from India at $349. Am I wasting my time & money?

I have been reading the forum for days. As I see it the problem most are having is a good AUDIOLOGIST. I live in small town & drive 22 miles to company #1 or company #2.
They only sell 1 brand. I can drive 80 miles to big town with more choices. I am almost desperate. I have to make a decision. Any advice. Don’t have a lot of money. Have been looking online at
1 Siemens Intuis Pro SP Dir BTE 2 mic, ordered from India at $349. total price & he says send Audio gram & he will program. But if it needs a tweek, what then? … Am I wasting my time & money?
Wearing now “ Siemens Intuis Dir” pd $3000. in 2008, They are almost DEAD.

Newest Audio done by HNT doctor 10.2014


L.-60— 60---- 50----60----55—75 / PTA 57 dB / SRT 65 dB / 44% 95 dB

R.-50—55----65-----65— 75—80 / PTA 62 dB / SRT 65 dB / 48% 95 dB

Live voice List used NU-6 A&B

Well, there are Siemens aids being made in China. I’ll guess that is the source. The newest tech for your loss is the RIC – Receiver In Canal. They are a major improvement. I don’t know where you are – guessing MT WY or such. I don’t imagine you a Costco in range. They are the least expensive source for quality aids. There are some online sellers that send you to a local audi. They can save a bit but it still can get pricey.

If you decide to take a chance, will program any two aids for $100 and does not charge for redoes. That’s a fallback should the original programming not suit. lloyds also does repair and did that for me on a five year old pair. That will run anywhere from $300 or so to maybe $500. Good people at lloyds.

If you have been reading the forums, you may have found the threads discussing Connect Hearing matching Costco pricing on their top of the line products. Any chance you have a Connect Hearing in driving range? Given my experience, it will take multiple sessions to get the aids adjusted correctly. That will be hard to do when you will need to send them back for adjustment every time. I think it will be difficult to get the proper adjustment by long distance. Face to face, you can have the audi make an adjustment then verify that it is correct/incorrect. Good luck.

The intuis SP is not a bad device, albeit an older model and 349 seems like a pretty good price to me - it’s basically the same technology as your existing aid, but the more powerful version in a larger casing, which takes a larger 675 battery - Am guessing you are using an existing earmould you already have? if you don’t have one of these you will require one, as from memory the Intuis SP is not compatible with thin tubes or domes… However, without seeing someone face to face you’re going to be heavily reliant on the programmer overseas getting it spot on the first time, which can be tricky, as hearing aids will quite often need additional fine tuning once it is set to the patients audiogram, guided by the patients verbal feedback provided to the clinician - if the aid is feeding back or not sounding right to you when it arrives you will have no choice but to go visit an AUDIOLOGIST to fine tune it. Not quite sure why it needs to be written in CAPITALS but good luck

MFAUD, We rec the pair of Intuis Sp Dir Pro, It has 4 channels. They work well but only 1 channel is programed. yes we have the ear mold. The 2 HA audiologist 22 mi away only sell 1 brand & will not work on our old Intuis Dir so i know there’s no reason to think they would program the new Intuis. The 1st Intuis bought in San Antonio & ea 160 mi trip after 45 days was $50 to 150 in 2007. There is Costco, 160 mi round trip to big city traffic, very stressful for older folks. Their cost would be less on HAs but we still have 160 mi for adj. … Wish we could DIY program the new Intuis. Don’t have clue what to buy, have Win 7 Pro to use with correct software & hardware for programing HAs. Can anyone help? PM me?

all that money you saved by buying from india aint looking so great now, eh? the hardware and the blackmarket software is going to cost twice what the aids did.

If it’s working well then why do you want to change it?? I would strongly recommend not programming it yourself - if you are concerned about driving in the city then I do not think self programming a hearing aid would be an option. I would ask the 22mile audiologist if they can make adjustments to your new aid, and be prepared to pay for the appointment. Realistically, if you’re going to buy aids overseas with no face to face time with a clinician this is the risk you take. good luck

Try Hearing Revolution ( ) . Depending on the manufacturer you are interested in, they can hook you up with a local audiologist and you will be able to get the aids for a deep discount to what the audiologist would have charged you to sell the aids to you directly. Hearing test is free and you get a 45 day trial. $75 per hearing aid is the fee if you return them in the trial period.