Siemens intuis open vs Unitron Element 8 open

Hi, I´m newbe; I would apreciate your advice:
I´ve just ordered to a specialist a pair of BTE´s Unitron Element 8 open fit that have not arrived yet, and I´ve just received a call from him that he is receiving instead a pair of Siemens Intuis life S, that as per he said are better. I have checked prices over the web and I found Intuis less expensive.

Any comments will be apreciated

supposely Siemens is a bigger company

I am 1st time HA user on my 3rd month with BTE Unitron Element 8 on both ears.

My main correction is for high frequency loss of about 50 - 70 db from 2 KHz and up.

Have no experience with Siemens product.

What works for me with E8 -

  • directional mic helps me focus on persons I want to listen to in noisy environment.
  • With noise reduction, helps to cut down excessive background sound.
    (most mid-range digital HA should have these 2 features anyway)
  • Wind noise elimination - works very well.
  • Volume control - cannot imagine using HA without it

Tip fitting for my case -
I find the open fit umbrella dome tip not delivering rich enough lower and mid-range sound through the tube and occasionally whistling when objects gets close to the mics. So I tried custom micro-mold at the tip of tube and definitely prefer the much richer, closer to natural sound I am hearing plus almost non existent whistling. I am not saying that micro-mold should be used for E8, just that it really work for me. I know many would swear not to put any sort of earmold, micro or otherwise in their ear canal!! In which case, your good audi should be able to make other tuning settings towards your preference.

Still adjusting to t-coil setting - problem may lie in the compatibility of handsets(home, work, cellphone etc.), some emitting more humming than others. I don’t use phone a lot and prefer hands-free mode most of the time even before HA.

What surprised me was the several visits of tuning, feedback to your Audiologist needed - very much a 2-way commitment. For me, it was not just a technical adjustment according to audiogram. Your Audi should be able to help you narrow the many choices and make appropriate tunings and thereafter it’s actually your part to provide feedback and undergo sort of hearing rehab. Make good use of the trial period whichever make and model of HA you choose.

Good Luck.