Siemens Intuis, any info/experience?

Well, I’ve just ordered a pair of Siemens Intuis ITE h/a’s. 4 channels.

I’ve worn h/a’s since my early 20’s, about 35 years of experience and my speech recognition scores are 85-90 % so I guess I’ve become quite accustomed to them.

I have a 60-65 decibel loss in both ears with a bit more roll off over 4.5k, a fairly common neuosensoril loss. I’ve been using Sonic Innovation Natura 2 CIC’s the last 5 years with good success even though their power is borderline for my loss. Very natural sound, and little or no problems with background noise. I only wished they were a bit more powerful.

The Intuis seems like a good, no frills aid that should be more powerful. Hopefully, since this is a brand new item, they will be technically similar in suppressing background noise to my current Natura 2’s.

Some might think the Siemens are a step back as they only have 4 channels vs the 9 I have now. Perhaps they are. We’ll find out. But I’ve opted to go w/simpler technology with the hopes this will give fundamentally better sound without the intrinsic sound degradation caused by the additional processing of many channels/bands.

My goal, quite simply, is sound clarity. I figure that with clarity, and a bit more amplification I should be able to hear even better than do now.

Has anyone here had experience fitting or being fitted with the Intuis? Could you share your impressions.

If not, I’ll let you know how I find them after I’ve received them in another week or so.

The Intuis should be a good hearing aid, as it is, I believe, derived from their newer platform. Siemens generally makes good hearing aids and you would expect the same with their new model.

The Natura 2’s were great hearing aids for their time and very natural sounding, thus the name Natura. I have used them since 1999 when they first came out with the Natura.

Very frankly, sometimes when there are too many bells and whistles, things get complicated and the hearing aids are not used to their optimum, especially on the professional’s end. Thus, sometimes, there is a chance to get better performance from a more basic unit.

Hopefully this will be the case for you.

Otherwise, if the Natura 2’s worked well for you, you could always try their new Natura Pro which is based on their top of the line microchip (16 channels), yet with even cleaner sound and very good sound reproduction.

Let us know how the Intuis works out for you. This product was released recently, so I think there are not very many users out there yet and I do not dispense Siemens hearing aids for the past few years.

Well, I’ve had the Siemens for a few days now and frankly, I’m not real impressed. I’ve had 3 adjustments and I can already tell they aren’t what the Naturas are.


Guess I’m going to have to spend the extra couple thousand and get what works best. Oh well…

For those of you out there that don’t have a lot of experience with hearing aids don’t hold this against Siemens. This is a good h/a, but I’m used to top of the line and we’re talking subtleties here.

That last 5-10% always costs twice as much as the first 90-95%. It all depends on your budget and expectations.

I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.

(BTW I was informed Monday they wouldn’t be able to ship for 2 weeks, so I paid for expedited service. They showed up Tuesday! Pretty darn good service if you ask me!)

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten my Siemens Intuis.

I’m happy to say I’m very pleased with them, at this point. This just goes to show that even the most experienced users have to be patient with new equipment. Take your time, don’t be afraid to fine tune, and be sure that your dispenser knows what they are doing. The Intuis is a newer model and there isn’t a lot of experience in how to adjust and fine tune them. They are relatively simple compared to many, but it still takes time to get them dialed in, which is true for ALL hearing aids.

The Siemens are relatively simple to program compared to my Natura II’s. The Siemens are very clear sounding yet they are still quite natural. They don’t sound like I’m listening to an electronic device.

Siemens uses a different type of plastic for their earmolds than I’m used to, and they appear to stay clean longer than those I’ve experienced over the last forty years or so.

I conciously tried to take a simpler approach for this set of hearing aids. I’ve spent a fair amount of time and money upgrading my stereo equipment in the last year and one thing I’ve learned is that the more complicated your signal path, the fuzzier the sound. This is true regardless of the quality of the components.

Negatives? Well so far, the Siemens aren’t quite as natural sounding as the Natura II’s when in loud environments (and only in loud environments, otherwise they are equal). But then the Natura II’s were incredible in this area. They were the only hearing aid that I could go to a concert and never have to even think about the fact that I was wearing a hearing aid.

Don’t get me wrong, the Siemens are quite good, just not perfect. I still expect to tweak the settings one more time, so we’ll see if I can get them perfect.

I can’t overemphasize that trying to get the simplest hearing aids that do the job results in MUCH clearer sound. Try not to think you need every option available for the best sound. It’s simply not true. Certain types of hearing loss may need certain options to overcome problems. But in general, the less bells and whistles, the better. You’ll be rewarded with clearer, more natural sound.

Overall, I’d say the Siemens are a great value and I’d recommend them to anyone with my type of hearing loss.

I have had the Siemens Infinity SP+ super power aids for the last four years or so and they have been okay but I thought I could do better. I am waiting for delivery of the Phonak MicroPower V. This is one with all the bells and whistles whereas the Infinity was pretty basic. I’m taking the opposite apporach and going more high tech with about the best Phonak has. I probably can’t use all that it offers but I would rather start with the top and work down than the other way around.


I have fit aproximately 3 pairs of Siemens Intius. So far all fits have been sucessful. These are what I call essentiall digital hearing instruments. 4 channels is sufficent enough to fit almost all hearing losses. A word of caution, I tend to see a lot of Siemens hearing aids I fit in the past turned up to their max settings. Reserve gain is the dilema here.