Siemens hearing aid repair options

Hello, I’m a new member from the San Francisco Bay Area, and have been wearing hearing aids for 20 years (I have had severe sensorineural hearing loss since I was 9). I currently wear a pair of Siemens Centra ITEs.

I noticed that the one on the right ear has been behaving abnormally the last few days, with a lower volume output and general unresponsiveness to the myRemote I use. Since I purchased this outside the US, I’m not familiar with repair options, either locally or online. Have any members used any local services, or do you have any other repair option recommendations ? Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum!
I have purchased hearing aids and then moved to a new location and needed repairs.
I have either:

  1. Sent the aids directly to the manufacturer
  2. Found a local dispenser to handle the transaction for a fee

Contact Siemens customer service and see what option is best for you.

As a side note, be sure to verify the microphone and receiver openings are clear and install new batteries prior to anything else. Sometimes earwax or dust can inhibit the signal and bad batteries are always the first thing to check.

P.S. A Dry&Store is a must for ITE aids.

Good Luck!

Thank you very much! I did indeed try to contact Siemens directly via their website with questions on how to go about sending the hearing aids to them, but they don’t seem to be very responsive; it’s been a few days and I didn’t hear back yet! If you had Siemens HAs, how did you get in touch with them and arrange to send it to them ?

…are using Siemens locator:

then contacting the closest provider for further instructions.


If you are able to, dial 1-800-SIEMENS and speak with them directly. This number is for Siemens USA and is not specific to hearing aids but I’m sure they could connect you with the appropriate party.

Good Luck!

Well, I got in touch with Siemens directly, and their suggestion was that I go through their nearest certified local agent, since they prefer that method as a matter of procedure. So I will talk to one of the local dispensers listed on the locator page. Thanks for your help!