Siemens ePocket, ProPocket, and Rexton?

I’m wearing Rexton Gem 12 aids that I bought from Costco. I also bought the remote that Costco sells. The remote lets you switch programs, adjust the volume, and mute the aids. It does not have any status display, and looks like the Siemens ProPocket remote.

There’s also a Siemens ePocket remote, which apparently is an older model, that has a status display, and for Siemens aids displays the program, volume level, and battery status.

Will the Siemens ePocket remote work with Rexton Gem 12 aids, and display the same status information?

I think I can answer my own post, thanks to a quick response from eBay seller bidbybid. The ePocket remote won’t work, but the ProPocket remote will.

But the ProPocket remote doesn’t have a display, and works and looks just like the remote I bought at Costco, except it has Siemens printed across the front of it. The ProPocket remote sells for anywhere from $200-250. I paid $85 plus tax for the Costco remote.