Siemens easytek Remote control and streamer and Rexton smart connect

Is the Siemens easytek same as Rexton smart connect ?
I have had a pair of costco Rexton trax42 hearing aid about 3 weeks, and want to buy a siemens easytek Remote control & smart streamer from another hearing aid center, Because costco hearing aid have no rexton smart connect !
Is their are all compitable ?
Can I use the Siemens easytek with my costco rexton tax 42 ?

The easyTek is identical to the Smart Connect. You can use them interchangeably with Siemens and Rexton instruments.

Remember that the hearing aid companies rename items to try to keep the traditional outlets happy. Costco sells the devices that you’re talking about but may have to use a different name.

Now that was certainly entertaining

Ihave asked the Savants (siemens ) and the reply is very interesting. Yes! there seems to try to keep the traditional outlets happy. My Message & reply from siemens as below:

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Message (max 500 characters): The siemens easyTek bluetooth remote & streamer same as Rexton smart connect bluetooth streamer and compatible to rexton rexton emerald s80 4c or Costco sexton Trax 42c ?
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Hello Benson and thank you for contacting us.

Since Siemens and Rexton are two entirely different manufacturers of hearing instruments, it is not recommended to use any of our accessories with their products.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you again for visiting our website and your interest in our products.


The Sivantos Group

Is any person can sharing some experience about this issue?

Costco shows the Smart Connect on their Hearing Aid website. Are they saying something different in the store?

It is just the HA companies again being disingenuous. They own both companies and share the same platform. Last I heard, Costco had a promotion for free accessories. There were 3 you could choose one from. Ask them why you weren’t offered the promotion.

Thanks Don and KenP very much for post this message. There are only 312 rechargeable battery charger can be selected in hearing aid centre of the Costco Taiwan. They have no Rexton smart connect option, I hear about some reason for inspection and certification of electronic products.

Hi, may I know…can easytek work for “change program” only with no neckloop connected? If no, then can it work with neckloop not around the neck but close to hearing aids? Thank you.

Joe, if you have a smart phone, you can use it with their program/app to make adjustments. The link to the aids from the easytek requires the loop. The technology is not BT but around the 10khz band. (Think CB) As such it requires the longer loop to radiate a signal.

Ken I’m currently trialing rexton trax 42 with a smart connect and want to purchase a bluetooth mp3 player - does 10khz band mean a bluetooth mp3 won’t work? Obviously know very little about bluetooth. Appreciate your reply!

No the 10mhz is between aids and transmission to the necklace. That has the BT connectivity. It allows something like 8 BT devices to pair to it. BT is in the 2.4 GHz range. The KS6 is the only direct connect aid to a iphone. And it still needs the accessory to connect to other BT devices. BT is a work-in-process with all the manufacturers. BT Lite is the new standard there and new enough to be in the early transition phase. In a year or two things should be easier/better.

Thanks, wanted to order off of Amazon and didn’t want to return.
The Trax 42 are a huge improvement over my previous Bernafon Verite bluetooth - once in awhile I get a little static over the TV adapter - which seems kind of cheap compared to the TV adapter on the Bernafon Juno’s that I trialed. Got a ways to go for sure! The Trax 42 aids are working a lot better for me than the Juno’s - and that’s a good thing!

The only problem adding a BT transmitter from Amazon is latency and if they work while recharging. Latency bothers some people more than others. Look in the questions/reviews to try to get the best solution.

I have a pair of trax 42 hearing aids from Costco. I find that my hearing aids seems to work better when I use them with smart connect and easytek. Sounds seem more balanced and clearer than when I use no Bluetooth devices. I have a tremendous difference in my charts between my right and left ears. The hearing aids seem to work better together. Has anyone else noticed a big difference between using hearing aids with and without smart connect?

Can you use your smartphone? It would save you having an additional device.

No you need the accessory for BT. Their aids currently won’t work directly with a BT device.

Yes you can change your phone program with the neck loop on the table ab out 2 foot away. i am using two binax 7 aids with an easytek loop and a TV transmitter

I was talking about playing music from the phone instead of a bluetooth mp3 player.