Siemens Cielo 2 CIC vs CS PB

Hi to all!

I am a 34 yo who has been a hearing impaired for all his life and having kept the hearing loss almost at a constant level (it was provoked by some heavy colds and antibiotic use at the age of 1.5-2). I have always managed to live quite a “normal” life without HA, but have just decided that I want to improve my quality of life (got tired of having people to repeat, having to make big efforts in friends meeting, not able to follow group conversations when not facing the speaker in some ambients…) so here I go :smiley:

My last audiogram is the following:

125 - 55
250 - 45
500 - 40
1000 - 45
2000 - 35
4000 - 50
8000 - 45

125 - 60
250 - 50
500 - 45
1000 - 40
2000 - 30
4000 - 35
8000 - 55

I do appreciate the most discrete HA I can get, so looking among in-canal HA’s I’ve been offered these two models:

Cielo 2 CIC (the most discrete)
Cielo 2 CS PB (the next bigger size)

Advantages of the CS PB over the CIC is more programs for the CS (4) vs the only program available for the CIC. That would mean, more specifically, a special program for noisy enviroments (bars, restaurants…).

I’m leaning towards the CIC due to the smaller size, and due to the belief (please tell me whether I’m right or not) that the single program will fit my needs (a right bass channel adjustment would allow for an acceptable capability for noisy enviroments).

My daily enviroment is the following: I work in an office along with 7 mates more in a rather quiet atmosphere, behind computers. I make a normal use of the phone (that is, I can be answering the phone anytime), so would like to know whether with the standard programming that I could get from the CIC I will get on well (I think it also has a special phone program). I also have a family (wife, one 2yo little girl and a 2nd baby on the way), so I have similar needs as at work. The noisiest places I will happen to be in are cafes and restaurants. Occasionally some bars/clubbing if partying with friends and workmates.

So, will I be making a good decision if I choose the CIC over the other? I have great expectations with HA (as everybody I guess), so I’ll probably have to be prudent in this regard, but I’m dreaming of being able to take part in conversations as normally as possible without having to bother the people as much as now by making them to repeat what the say. People sourrounding me will be aware of me wearing HA (I’m not hiding it) but I appreciate discretion a lot.

Thanks to all in advance for your help, and congratulations for the great forum you all make.


Edit: Cielo 2 “CS” is also known as Cielo 2 “MC” in other brochures/specification papers. Anyway, it’s the 2nd smallest of the Custom Cielo’s

I have had a pair of Siemens Cielos and I have fought them for over 2 years and they have never worked right. I am ready to give up on them and buy something else.