Siemens Cielo 2 Active

Well guys looks like I am about to join your club here. My doctor told me I had moderate hearing loss and needed hearing aids. Now after spending almost all day looking for the right one to buy, I am even more confussed.

I am 40 and fairly active so this is a life changing event for me…not really but it makes me realize I am not 10 feet tall anymore.

Siemens Cielo 2 Active seems like a good choice for me. I work outside and do sweat a lot. Can someone give me any information on this particuliar hearing aid? Also, can someone tell me what is their hearing aid of choice and why?

My doctor is pushing the Oticon Delta hearing aid. Which is better?

Thanks for any help in this very complicated decision.

Siemiens and oticon are both good brands.
I must say it was clever from the Siemens part to have a hearing aid with
the dry box in a standart package.
Deltas family has 3 products, I have fitted tons of 4,000 the only problem that you must be aware is that the batery is a #10 and doesnt last to long and lacks of a T coil but it is a great instrument, If you can afford it an epoq is a far superior product with a #312 batery and it has all the refinements you can imagine (one thing i like the most is that you can set an auto telecoil- so that when you answer the phone say with the right ear the gain on the left ear is reduce -this is cool)
Another good alternative is the audeo which is a new product with t coil and #312 batery and other interesting features which was just launch.


by the way t bone, if you download the technical specificacions you should notice that for the most part, most hearing aids containt the same feature,
the lines which use to make them unique are begging to dissapear…
anyone agree?


Thank you for your reply. The epoq does indeed look like the better one. One question I have about this and I could not find it anywhere is about sweat or moisture?

Is this a concern? I am meeting my audi. on Tuesday and would like to be as informed as possible.

I am an electrician and work a lot it the heat and cold. I am also active so sweating is a big issue. I am constantly on the cell phone so whatever I get I don’t want to have to take it out all the time.

Thank you for your help


i strongly suggest you to buy a global dry and store- this helps to maintain
the life of the hearing aid. It is not really that costly.
I have seen that the new siemens instruments comes already with an dry box.


I too am considering the cielos 2 active. I work in a warehouse and sweat and humidity are constant. The Siemens “active” models are the only hearing aids that I’ve been able to find that are supposed to be water/sweat resistant. I would love to hear from someone that has put them to the test.

Siemens Mid-Level RIC Hearing Aid:

* RIC style (this means that there is a little receiver in your ear, about the size of a CIC and it boosts the power of the aid)
* 6 Independent Channels (more channels means better hearing)
* 6 Channel Noise Reduction
* Phase Cancellation Feedback Suppression
* Automatic and Adaptive Directional Microphones 
* Wind Noise Reduction (good for windy environments)
* Datalogging (helps your professional know how to better taylor the programming to your loss)

Oticon Delta 8000:

* 8 Channels
* RITE - Receiver-in-the-ear 
* Artificial Intelligence (it learns and adapts to your hearing loss)
* Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 
* Open Ear Acoustics
* Tristate Noise Management 
* Multiband Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphones
* 5 Environmental Identities
* Enhanced Bandwidth
* Automatic Adaptation Manager 

If you want my honest opinion, the Delta is a far superior aid. Many of my patients have loved the way it sounds.

Hope this helps!

Also, if you are worried about wetness, look into buying a super seal for your BTE. It basically acts like a condom for your hearing aid, bloking moisture. Also look into buying a dry n store.

if you go for the deltas, do buy a global dry and store