Siemens Centra

My first post. I meant this for the Digital Hearing Aid section and I don’t know how to cancel or move it. Sorry. I don’t want to double post so if someone could help me I would appreciate it.

I am looking at the Siemens Centra open fit hearing aid. I have an old aid that is fourteen years old, a Beltone Clear Voice. I don’t like the plugged up feeling of my old aids so I am looking at the open fit.

The question I have is, how is it with cel phones or even regular telephones since it doesn’t have tcoil?
Has anyone tried this one out, and what are your opinions on it?

I go for a hearing exam in 2 weeks and I am looking around now. My last exam was:

R 250-40 L 250-40
500-50 500-30
1000-30 1000-30
2000-60 2000-70
4000-70 4000-70
8000-80 8000-70