Siemens ceilo 2 or artis life

I Am A First Time User. I Am Interested In These Two Hearing Aids. I Have High Frequency Loss. They Have Been Suggested By Am. Audiologist. Does Anyone Out There Have Any Opinion On Thesess And Also That Brand Of Hearing Aid.:slight_smile:

I received my Siemens Artis 2Ps on Tuesday
I had been lurking around these forums and info sites for a year trying to figure it all out. If your loss is in the sever or profound range it would appear that the choice becomes very important because small differences in performance can make a huge difference to the person’s ability to hear.

For those of us not in that catagory there seems to be considerably more flexibility. May guess is that for standard mid range high frequency loss there might be 100 HAs that will do the job on the market today…perhaps more.

What I have learned on this site and others is - find an audiolgist that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Most audiologist deal with a few to a handful of companies. Mine for instance dispenses Siemens and Phonak instruments generally. Siemens is the largest maker of HA as I understand it.
I will trust and work closely with my audiologist (she has 20 yrs experience).
I believe that she will do everything in her power to insure that I have a positive and rewarding HA experience…oh, and besides I may actually get to hear in some useful way again. I understand that this will not happen over night even if my initial experience is very good.

Your ability to trust and work openly with your professional is your greatest asset…far more important that the particular make and model you like or don’t like. This advice is true for any issue in life whether it is doctor, dentist, attorney, car mechanic or whatever. You need to believe you are receiving the best possible attention and care for your problem.
Tell us how you make out - Peter