Siemens Aquaris versus Phonak Nadia IX for 4 year old?

Hello I’m new here. My son is 4 has a moderate to severe bi-loss, he was aided at 5 months old. He has always worn 1 set of phonaks but as a family we are planning to research more this time around. I SO was excited to see the waterproof HAs but were wondering if these are even for a mod to severe loss? Or should I stick with what seems the more traditional route for pediatric HAs and go w/ Phonak? I’m sad Phonak doesn’t seem to have as much to offer for integrated technologies and water proofing like some brands etc. But I know developing his speech and language is most important. Is Phnak the best for hearing ranges and music etc? Is that why they are so popular? :slight_smile: Any advice to stear us inthe right direction? Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

The Phonak Naida in SP (super power) and UP (ultra power) are for severe and profound losses so the power is certainly there. They are also water resistant. My 14 year old wears the Naida V SP and really likes them.
It’s difficult when they are so young as they can’t really give good feedback about what they hear.
Good luck

The Siemens Aquarius should work great for him. He needs to come in for a hearing test and the hearing professional will be able to accurately determine if it is right for his level of hearing loss. Would you like us to recommend hearing loss center in your area?

Sales pitch.

ethansmommy was asking for help & advice., not a sales pitch.

Pushy sales people are not welcome here.

THANKS so much! Even though I love the idea of the Aquarius, I’m going to have to do more research. Guess I’m still leaning towards Phonak :slight_smile:

My apologies that was not my intention. I was simply recommending she see a audiologist who can properly fit the best choice of hearing aid for her child. The aquarius is an amazing product, but she needs to look at all options before making a choice

You won’t know until you find out