Siemens Aquaris Cutting Out, Next Hearing Aid to Get?

I have a hatred of my Siemens Aquaris. I only need it for severe hearing loss in my left ear. I’ve been trying to hold off on a new one because things have been tight lately.

It just recently started cutting out for about 5 minutes after getting louder on it’s own with a lot of static.

I have a Connexx programmer so I feel I have to get Siemens/Signia again which feels unfortunate. I don’t want to have to buy a new hearing aid AND a programmer right now.

What’s the lowest level Signia BTE RIC available right now? Don’t need any programs, do fine without. Don’t need bluetooth for TV or phone listening. Just the basics. Have found that I would like volume control through switches or a phone app since my hearing ability changes with atmospheric pressure/cold/hot.

I’ve reviewed the Signia Pure 10 3Nx and 13 3Nx. Not sure what the other options are and what the differences would mean to me. Just need to keep it basic.

Thank you for the suggestions!

I self program and buy my hearing aids off eBay. Have you thought about eBay if things are tight?

You know, I have not. Going to look now. Thanks!

Interesting find. Never really thought to look there. Prices are definitely a bonus!!

I’m really not that familiar with the line up since I only grabbed the Aquaris at the time for it’s IP ratings. If the choice between these for about the same price, any idea which would be the best and why?

  • Pure 3bx Binax
  • Pure Micon 7mi
  • Carat Binax 3bx RIC
  • Pure 7bx Binax RIC

BTW, because of my condition, I have hearing loss that is reverse of most others. My loss is on the lower end around the 500-1000.


The lowest level Signia BTE available right now that supports ConnexxLink and has a volume switch is Motion SA 1px. For RIC, Pure 1px would meet your requirements.

The current Costco KS8.0 is the current Signia RIC, and I understand it is not locked to Costco, for $1599/pair. I think it is IP67, if that is the one for 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

My OPN is rated at IP 68 and they still recommend not to shower or immerse it in water. Only heavy sweating or wearing in the rain is OK.

The KS8 is actually IP68, but still not recommended for showering, swimming, etc., although not likely to be a catastrophe if it gets wet.

actually since microphone and battery compartment not covering gap any rating will not guaranty of survival in shower whether 67/68

Thanks for the lead. I have a refurbished Pure 3bx Binax on the way for only $329. Fits the bill nicely!

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