Siemens Acuris Vs Centra vs Oticon Syncro

First time poster, but long time HA user. ‘Readers Digest’ version: I’ve been wearing CICs for many years - Sonic Innovation Natura 2. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with little moisture or wax problems. Over the past couple of years my hearing has deteriorated to the point where the audiologist is recommending new hearing aids in that he really can’t do too much more ‘tweaking’ and boosting. I don’t have the lastest hearing test in front of me, but the real problem is in general speech where most sounds/voices are not crisp, and I have great difficulty in understanding speech when there is any other noise around.
I really like my audiologist and have high regards for his recommendations in that he has also worn hearing aids for over 30 years. I have a followup appointment with him in two weeks, however, he did give me some literature to read (with advice to just take the information for what it is - information in sales brochures!). Although he said I could get by with ITEs, I got the sense that he is going to recommend BTEs, which I’m OK with.
The models he gave me literature for include:
Siemens ACURIS and CENTRA along with Oticon SYNCRO. He also deals with Sonic Innovations.
In my ‘lurking’ here I’ve read messages about Centra and Syncro and of course Phonak Savia, which I will ask him about at my appointment. I did not find any references here to Acuris. Is the Acuris newer than the Centra? I really couldn’t tell much differentiation on the Siemens sites between the two models. Does anybody have info on the Acuris or any current wearers?
So, it appears as my current ‘short list’ is:
Acuris, Centra, Syncro, Innova and Savia! Whew! I thought choosing a car was difficult!
Thank you for your input!
Regards and Happy Holidays to all.

The Centra is the newer version after Acuris.

Yes, choices are quite difficult, so often it is best to discuss the pros and cons carefully with your audi and explain what types of situations you encounter and where you really want to be able to hear and understand conversations.

It is best to go into the appoinment with a list of areas you want to be able to improve on and then narrow the choices down.

We wish you the best!

Thank you! I will report back on my decision and user review of the model I select.

I am wearing Siemen Centra hearing aids. I like them so far and just trying get use this noise reduction program. I do like the music and tv program since it is louder to hear.

Well, after much research and discussion with my audiologist, I am going with the Syncros! I have a lot of faith/trust in my audi, as he wears HA’s for many years and he wears the Syncros. Although I’ve worn HAs for many years, this is my first set of BTEs - and, I look forward to it. My appt. is next Thursday - I’ll report back.

BTE’s are really making a comeback and work great for lots of people, so we all wish you the best.

Good to hear you have a good audi to rely on.

Let us know how it goes with the Syncro’s.

I’ll give a more detailed analysis in a couple of weeks, but I have to say that my first few hours with the Syncros are ‘overwhelming’ (good type of overwhelming). My brain has to readjust to hearing certain sounds again! (I’ve worn CICs for several years, but hearing has declined significantly, so I went with the BTEs). I forgot that my turn signal acutally makes a clicking sound! Oh, my pellet stove blower makes way too much noise! Oh yeah, the TV Loop system in the Audiologists office is really ‘cool’, although it did blow me out a bit! I’ll keep a log over the next couple of weeks for my return visit (the keyboard clicking is a bit anoying, and cumpling paper …ouch). I do like what I perceive to be natural speech sound. So, right now I’m happy! I’ll report in later with a better, more analytical analysis.

Well, one week with the new HA’s although I do need a couple of ‘tweaks’ - see the audiologist tomorrow.
My brain is adjusting to all of the new sounds. My family noticed the difference immediately - the TV is now at a level that is perfect for me, and sometimes a little soft for them! They don’t have to talk as loud, nor do I. (I’ve asked people to tell me when I’m talking to loud - many years of compensating I guess). We went to a concert last weekend and I had the Syncros on program 1 (wide open!) …was fantastic. Went to a restaurant afterwords and used program 3 (background noise reduction) - I could actually participate in the table conversation! I have some problems with telephones - especially our home phone, however, I think part of the problem is that we have a lot of noise in our house! (pellet stove fan is very loud … refrigerator compressor … TV’s, etc) … also, I have a minor fit problem in the left ear. Also, I seem to get some feedback once in a while - don’t know if that’s because of the HA not beeing seated properly, or because of my glasses.
At work, a co-worker stopped in to talk to me and he noticed something different right away - he had kind of a quizical look - I asked him what was wrong and he said that I wasn’t talking as loud, and, therefore he naturally didn’t have to talk as loud, and he didn’t have to repeat himself! So, bottom line, I’m very happy. The clarity of people’s voices is much better and I’m hearing things I haven’t heard for years. I’ll post again in a week or two.

I’m having my one DigiFocus repair and my dispenser loaned me a Syncro for
that ear while its being repaired (clever sales scheme :slight_smile: ).

So I have a Oticon DigiFocus (year 2000) in one ear and a Syncro (year 2006)
in another ear… a unique opportunity to concurrently evaluate 6 years
of technology? Some observations;

  • the third program was describe to me as for music…works good with load
    music in the car…I didn’t think to try it a crowded situation yet.

  • It was only a quick fit to my hearing curve while my other aid is repaired so
    the fit isn’t perfect…I do notice very crisp speech with it compared to my other aid…although much less low sounds; again a quick fit…I would probably
    have the lows turned up and the very highs turned down a bit.

  • I do notice the direction of the sound from the Syncro as my old aid had
    no directional microphones.

  • The telecoil on the Syncro actually works; for the first time in 30 years I
    can use the telephone setting of a hearing aid. Even works on my Razr cell
    phone. This is a major plus.

  • There is no off switch. Sometimes the telecoil can mimick this. Perhaps
    a fourth off program is available. This is minus.

I’m going to try program 3 in a noisy environment and see. For sure, it does
tell me, if I were to get new aids, I would need several adjustments. The
real test will be what I miss when I’m back to my old ones…

I don’t really understand that Oticon could actually sound better than Acuris and Centra? Oticon only has 8 channels where Centra has 16 channels?

I would like to apologize for my ignorance.

Got the answer:
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The channels refers to how the hearing aid breaks up the different frequencies. For example, a 9 channel hearing aid typically breaks down the sound spectrum into 9 different areas of sound, typically breaking the sound down by each 1/2 octave.

The earlier digital hearing aids typically had 2 or 3 channels, so it could not process sound as effectively as today’s commonly used 16 or even 64 channel hearing aids.

In my dispensing experience, though, more does not necessarily mean better hearing. In fact, it is nearly impossible to distinguish any measurable difference between a 9 channel or 64 channel hearing aid.