Siemens 301 pure carat aids

Can someone explain to me how a hearing aid retailer could charge me $3300 for a pair of these aids, (which I can buy online for $2095, which includes a charger and a remote, neither of which he would provide me with ) which would be a $1205 markup, plus, you know he buys them much cheaper than I am able too, (probably at least $1000 ) which would give him a profit of $2205 to make adjustments. I think this is an outrage! In the past, I’ve just paid whatever the retailer told me the price was, no more, I’m going to show them the add, and ask how much they would charge me for the same product. I realize everyone has to make a living, and a reasonable profit would be fine, but I think this much profit is just WAY out of line.
I’ve a notion to buy them myself, and shop around to see how much they would charge me for adjustments. Has anyone tried this method?

I originally had that conclusion.

Did a lot of research. Admitted to myself I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I can go on the 'net and buy cheap … And stumble my way through a miserable experience.

Then try to find an audiologist who is willing to take my case (hey, I bought these on the 'net.) and charge me per visit till I am or not satisfied with what may be a poor choice to begin with for my type of hearing loss …

Throw the darn things in the drawer cause they hurt my ears. Continue cursing the hearing aid industry for the bunch of crooks they are.


I can find a competent audi that is not driving a Bugatti Veyron, who has been doing this for 20+ years … AND … knows what the heck he is doing. I might just develop a relationship where we can work together to make my life a little bit easier to hear.

Before doing that, I got to take a look at the rent he is paying for the office, the help he hires so he can focus on what he does best, his student loans that gave him the ability to pass the licensing, the insurance to protect him from unhappy people that like to hire lawyers and the ability to feed his family.

Yep, they are all a bunch of greedy xxxxxxxs. They are all out to screw me out of my hard earned money cause it is all a racket.

If you think they are bad, you ought to see heart surgeons … I can go to Thailand or some other third world country and get the same surgery for a quarter the cost if not less.

Don’t even get me started on plumbers and electricians …

If price is really that important, check out Costco. Who knows, you may get their brands cheaper than ebay. Their audi’s are salaried, no commissions.

Some professionals will simply refuse to adjust aids not purchased from them. Others in this forum have had that problem.

Since the manufacturer will not sell you the programming software, you are stuck with trying to get your online vendor to adjust them, at least in some cases.

why would a professional want to support a web based retailer with no investment in store front, equip, education and probably working out of his garage and deducting that from his taxes?

so with that extra $1k they are paying the rent, employees, benefits, education, equipment, office supplies, computers etc… then trying to support their family? plus maybe seeing some patients over and over? yep, they are all crooks!!

I have seen aids programmed twice… Both times it took all of 10 minutes… Is that REALLY all that bad of a deal for the audio? If they charged $125, they would be making some serious money for the amount of time invested.
Can anyone here clear that kind of money in 10 minutes?.. Perhaps the happy customer would tell his friends, or buy batteries, tips and tools there, have his kids hearing tested there etc…
Get the picture??.. Its all about providing good service as well as hitting a home run on a $7000 set of aids… No?

Thet ARE suppossed to be “health care professionals” are they not? bob

I’m not an Audi and have no connection with any Audi other then a happy customer. So, for this 10 min configuration do you bring your own hearing test results? do you expect a free follow-up to dial them in or are you willing to cough up another $125?

They were not from EBay, they were from an internet company called “The Hearing Company” in Florida. You’re quite right, I wouldn’t expect anyone to work on them for free, but was wondering about finding a retailer who would program, and tune them for a reasonable price. I was unable to find anyone who would do that, so have given up on that route, and now I’m looking at aids from Costco.