Siemens 274PP vs 284PP

What is the difference between these 2 models. I have a 284PP that I like very much, I had to get it as an emergency spare, and Im sure that Im not using all of the features, I dont turn it up but about 1/3rd to 1/half of the way on the volume control. It works very well.

I have a very expensive phonak that I dislike very much. I have trouble with feedback loops much more so than with the Siemens. It is only a hi power model and I usually turn it all the way to max volume.

I need another aid for the other ear now, and am thinking about getting new matching Siemens 274PPs or 284PPs. My hearing loss is moderately severe on the left and very severe on the right.

Thanks for any comments.


I have dual mastoidectomies. One when I was 10 and one 20 years later. I have been wearing a hearing aid for only 2 years, my first experience being with the phonak. And now the Siemens. I needed a hearing assist after the 2nd mastoid surgery.

Cost is a major factor. I am working poor with no health insurance.