Should You Include Family in Your Next Audiologist Visit?


I ride a bicycle all the time and always wear my hearing aids. My hearing is not that bad, typical ski slope high end loss. I want to hear what is going on around me with vehicles. I do set them with the ReSound Smart 3D app to “Outdoor” and have both noise reduction and wind noise reduction set to maximum and still hear vehicles coming up behind or beside me.

Yes the wind blowing over the hearing aids is slightly annoying, but I will deal with it for feel like I have a larger margin of safety. I also wear a skull cap under the helmet that covers my hearing aids and the top of my ears, still the wind noise is there, but I accept that as part of the situation.



Thanks for that input teejayess. I should at least try wearing the bike helmet. With my loss, I tend to get feedback AND the wind noises when hats and nature correspond on any activity.

Part of the challenge is to keep the soft silicone domes seated. They tend to work their way out of my canals - leading to squeaky leakage.

No harm in trying it out, tho! :slight_smile: