Should You Include Family in Your Next Audiologist Visit?

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Yes most definitely, I get my wife to go with me



+1, wife is most important person to be able to hear. (you can always mute the aids if you want to tune her out). :smiley:



Family can help test a various settings of HA.

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Definitely the wife. Hearing loss affects everyone in the family, not just the person with the hearing loss.

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Needed my wife at last audiologist visit. The specialist would not look at me when she talked, could not understand her. Then she put an audiologist on a TV screen talking to me with low volume, couldn’t understand a word from her. Just about worthless without my wife there. They didn’t appear to have a clue they were dealing with someone who was hard of hearing.

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Weighing in here with 35 years of HA use. My DEAR hubs can decide if the aids are working once I get home. But - and NO offence to him! - if I bring him to the audi’s with me, he’d commandeer the whole visit into the stratosphere. Cal Tech. MIT. Stanford. That is my dear hubs: the Know-It-All! And he really is the smartest guy I’ve ever known … except when it comes to actual experience with living through a pair of hearing aids.

On a few occasions when folks ask ME questions about hearing aids, he anwsers them before I even get a word out. That’s when I - the actual expert here - have to step in with the actual facts. Yeah, I walk the walk and talk the talk, and I don’t need a non-HA-wearing person to act as The Expert. :grimacing:

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I take my wife to help me explain the issues I have hearing. And has really helped to get the fitting right.



^^^ Ah! Fair enough. I think it’s critical to verbalize the issues in order to get the optimum aids programmed to one’s needs.

I am SUPER articulate, and bring a list of things I want to go over with my aud-guy. He teases me that in the 12 years we’ve been working together, he’s got a wheelbarrow full of my lists of issues to address.

Two heads can be better than one in terms of sharing information and recalling what was said after the fact, and you are lucky your wife is an asset in your fittings.



Oh I do that too, but my wife has brought up a few things that I never noticed myself. Like my wife asking me about something and I never responded because I never heard her. My wife still has a problem understanding that there are times her talk shows she watches catches my aids and they never pick up her talking to me also. I have to say my aids are really good but I have been in a conference room meeting and hear so many different people talking at the same time that I cannot figure out any of it coherently it just all mixes up into garbage.



^^^ Ack. The eternal Holy Grail of hearing aids: distinguishing SPEECH in a crowd (or with background noise). My Phonak Marvel-13s are better than my older Audeo B-Direct aids in crowded places … but still not as good as I would like them to be.

I’m retired now, but often wonder if a Roger pen or similar device would’ve helped me in conference room situations. That gets me to daydreaming about how to stream the human voice directly into the aids with NO accessory device. Cuz ideally, I’d like to turn my head to a person and have that person’s voice stream right into my aids.



I sometimes think about the fact that I am busier now that I am retired than I was before I retired. I am on so my groups that where I only had one meeting a week while I was working, now retired I have at least 3 meetings a week that I go too, not counting my volunteer work I do for the church, the American Legion, at the VA clinic, and for the local police department. I have to stay busy are I go nuts and get in trouble. But I also treat myself to my daily hikes in the forest that I live in. I also treat myself to my rides on my motorcycle, but my of my rides are to meetings and to the trails.



What kind of motorcycle do you ride?



Really it is just a Vespa GTS300, it is perfect for the area I live in. The max speed limit in the areas I ride is 55 and the 300 can do 80 in a pinch



That’s pretty good.
I ride a Harley softail with a hopped up 95” engine. It will do 80 in a pinch too!



In theory I agree, the whole family should go along for the visits to the audiologist. My husband came for the first important sessions. Unfortunately it made no difference in his understanding or comprehension on how to communicate with someone who has bil profound sensorineural loss.

It’s got to the stage I ignore anyone who speaks to my back, I can hear sound but not distinguish what they are saying. It’s now got to pay back time as my husband has started to develop age related sensorineural loss. But is still in denial, he can’t understand what I’m saying when I speak to his back.

As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!!!



FJR here, about 80 as well, in second gear. :see_no_evil:

I use this for hearing protection, with bluetooth speakers in the muffs. Also have Bluetooth TPM, which saved my bacon the other day. Alerted me to a nail puncture in plenty of time to air up sufficiently and make it home. FOBO Bike - FOBO

Anybody wearing HAs inside their helmets?



As with hearing aids, what you ride or drive should be what works best for you. I have never rode a large motorcycle and never cared to. At my age if I got something large for the open road it would have to be a trike.



I have actually been thinking about selling mine and trying one of the new electric bikes. We live off a 70 MPH highway about 7 miles from town. Whatever it is it needs to be able to get out of a vehicles way if needed. I used to be pretty crazy on motorcycles. Don’t feel crazy anymore.

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I ask the same question … but to bicyclists! I haven’t worn my bike helmet since getting BTE aids. I suppose I could jam the old hard-case aids in for an hour’s ride, but are any bicyclists wearing BTE aids with helmet ON? I suspect that - like wearing my sunhat, winter hat or even sunglasses - the incessant whispering noises over the mic would drive me nuts.