Should I upgrade? Starkey Muse i1600 to i2400

Hi, I have been using Starkey Muse i1600s for the past two months and now Starkey India seems to have come out with a sweet deal where a Muse i2400 costs $750, (originally $4,900).

My audi is crap and did a bad job tuning the i1600s. I am not at all satisfied with the current sound. I am in the process of procuring equipment to self program my aids. So, I do not know how good my i1600s are or might be once I self-tune them.

Can someone who has used both Starkey Muse i1600s and i2400s comment on whether it would be reasonable to upgrade? I have a flat loss centered about 70dB you can take a look at my audiogram. Thanks.


I dont feel there would be major difference in i1600 and i2400, except channels 16 to 24 , all features are same and there won’t be much difference in 16 and 24 channels, anyways this is just my opinion theoretically… I can’t comment in real life scenerio.

Hello, thanks for your opinion. I think apart from the number of channels i2400 also has better speech in noise, directionality, and landscape analyzer. Now, whether these actually result in a better hearing experience is a question I am hoping someone who has tried both of these can let me know.

Pretty sure they withhold features on the lower models versus the top ones. Different noise reduction options, etc. I don’t like that “policy” (not sure what to call it).

Thanks. Yeah there is a huge price difference between i1600s and i2400 ($3000) so there should be some differences at least.