Should I Upgrade Although I'm Only a Newbie

Hi Folks,
This is my first post so please go easy on me :slight_smile:
I have had hearing loss for a number of years now caused by constant use of power tools, "I’m a “Carpenter & Joiner”, my right ear is the worst and have lost about 50% in the right and 25% in the left.
I did try NHS aid’s about 10 years ago but the sound was terrible and the right one kept breaking down, so I gave up on them after a couple of month, I’ve started to get embarrassed now because I keep having to ask people to repeat what their saying, so to cut a long story short I recently decided to go private and went to my local Specsavers and I choose the “Specsavers advance Elite” which I think are made by (ReSound) these I found to be a very tinny sound and had a lot of feedback plus I could not hear people talking behind me nor could I hear people who were more than twelve feet away.
I then tried “and still have” the “Phonak Marvel 2.0 50” again these are under the Specsavers branded name, I find these better, the clarity is better but ‘NOT BRILLIANT’ and are still a little tiny once the volume get’s a couple of clicks passed halfway.
The clarity for me is very important and I would really like to hear people who are a fair distance away from me, so I guess my question is would it be better for me to upgrade to the “Phonak Marvel 2.0 90” again this would be “Specsavers branded name” I say this because I don’t know if the Specsavers version uses the same chip as the Phonak branded one.

Sorry it’s a long post but I just wanted to get everything in.


What domes are you using? That might be why things are sound tinny.

Upgrading from the M50 to M90 model is not going to help, it just sounds like you need to have them adjusted to suit, it’s not one size fits all, most people take quite a bit of time to get used to wearing HAs plus having them adjusted, all this can take many months. You’ll need to get in touch with your audiologist at specsavers to help sort out the problems you are having.

Yes exactly the same chip/processor, with most likely some features locked.

The only thing the M90 MIGHT get you is better performance in noise. As far as how they sound, it just depends on how they’re adjusted. Need to revisit your audiologist.


One of the things I found out when I first got aids is that they have a pretty limited range. Anyone more than 9 or 10 feet away and there was no chance of understanding them. I posted about it in the old version of this forum and everyone pretty much agreed that’s just the way it is.

I now have Costco’s KS9s, which are like the Phonak 90 but with some features disabled, and they are definitely better at distance than my first aids, but that just means the range has increased to maybe 12 feet. Individual voices make a difference too. I think it’s just something hearing aids aren’t good at.

Thank you all for your answers, it has certainly given me something to think about.
The increased to maybe “12 feet and Individual voices make a difference too”, that ‘tribalrose’ replied about is certainly the things I’m looking for but I think I will give my audiologist a call first and see if she can play around with the settings first.
Thanks folks and stay safe.


Sorry Zebras, the domes I have fitted at the moment are Closed in the right and Open in the left.