Should I try Widex Evoke 440?

Currently wearing a year old pair of Bernafon Zerena 9’s from Costco. I did trial Oticon OPN 1-3 as well (not from Costco of course). I found that the Zerena’s were (for me) better by far than OPN 3; at parity with OPN 2; but not as good as OPN 1. I had already purchased the Zerena’s before the OPN trials and while the OPN 1’s were definitely better just couldn’t bite the bullet for such a significant difference in cost (double).

Prior to the Costco purchase the audiologists I have seen has all pushed the Oticon models almost exclusively.

Doing a lot of reading I wonder if the Widex 440 may be a better “fit” for me/my type of hearing loss - which I have been told is not the typical type loss? If so, then I would need to find someone around me that works with that brand.

Yes - diffidently give it a try. Widex is noted for providing HA users with a very “natural incoming sound” along with proven power aids. You might not get all the bells and whistles that other HA’s offer but you do get a hearing aid that is durable, provides a very natural sound and has a good track record. Just make sure you find a audiologist that has experience selling/adjusting WIdex aids and then “trial” away.