Should I Try Again?

I had a bad experience two years ago trying a hearing aid. Gave back an Oticon Synchro before the end of the trial period. Reason. My hearing fluctuates a great deal. I could gain volume but not clarity. Very frustrating. Could it have been the audiologist or the Synchro or am I just a poor candidate? BTW, I have AIED. Already have had radical vestibular surgery on the left ear. So have one working ear. Here is my last test in my working ear.


speech reception threshold 45
speech discrimination-80
presentation level 80

What type of HA would you recommend knowing there are times (months) where i am asymptomatic. This test was done when I was having symptoms. Fullness, tinnitus etc.

Why not try either the Phonak Micropower w/ either the regular remote controls or the I-Link (do a search on this forum for more info on I-Link/My link) or the Sonic Innovations Balance with a volume control.

Since your hearing tends to fluctuate, you really want to be able to adjust the volume and not rely too much on automatic features.

Thanks for the info!

Is it common amongst Meniere’s or AIED sufferers to find HAs don’t help? Or did I just get the wrong HA or a poor audiologist? She saw my hearing test and said I was definitely a good candidate. Numerous tweakings just didn’t get me to the point where I could discern speech the way I need to.

It is often the case that Menier’s sufferers tend to have poorer speech discrimination ability. Yet your audiogram you provided showed 80% Speech discrimination score, which is very good.

If this score is correct, then you really should be able to hear quite well with hearing aids and understand speech, provided the right instruments are used and fit by a competent professional.

Well, I took the plunge today. Got tested and fitted with a new HA.
It was like night and day from my earlier experience with the Oticon Synchro.
My exam was nearly identical to the exam three years ago. Discernment was at 84%. Audiologist suggested Phonak and BTE as opposed to CIC that I had previously. Immediately I was in love with the Phonak Savia she fitted me with. I have a “loaner” now as she is ordering one from Phonak. During the trial period i will try the Eleva and Micro Power. But, if they are as this I will be amazed.

In response the comment by Admin about Meniere’s:
I am also a Meniere’s sufferer. So! That’s why I find it so frustrating to understand speech in noise is it!!! I am supposed to have a MILD hearing loss. I have never been tested for speech in noise. They do not seem to do that in Canada. I am told I seem to thrive on lots of gain and very high frequency settings. I also am putting up with the occlusion in order to get clearer speech in noise by using the smallest vent plugs in the set that I was given. I do benefit from the aids. Some days I hear better than on others. I also keep my salt and caffeine down. My tinnitus is much less when I have my HA’s in. I am lucky that way. I am better off by keeping my HA’s in all of the time; even in bed sometimes.
During my trials of exploring the use of hearing aids I some how feel that I have been trying to re-invent the wheel. As a user it is very, VERY difficult to decide which is the better aid for a specific PERSON who has hearing loss. It is all so frustrating trying to learn. There, now that I have had a rant I feel better.


Does your Provincial Health Care plan cover HAs? Seems to me that those of us who have Miniere’s need to experiment. It was an amazing experience hearing the clarity I was missing with the previous HA. It may be the audiologist. I actually was very pleased because I was tested and fitted this past Tuesday on a “bad” day. I will be sampling three Phonak models during the trial Period. Have a Savia now. Eleva on the way. Then a Micro Power. Lots of people seem to like the Phonak models best. I certainly like what I’ve experienced this far.

Yes, in Ontario, we get $500 per HA every three years from the government. We also get company coverage. It all depends on the company policy. I teach at a college and we get another $1500 per HA so my first set did not cost me a penny. I wish now, that I had gone for better ones than my Tego Pro’s. Not that I am unhappy with them. It is just that surely to God going up another $1000 per HA must yeald some sort of improvement. Maybe Admin can comment on that one?

My symptoms vary. Much better at the moment. See results of two tests taken two weeks apart. Shows typical Meniere’s variations. Going to trial both savia and Eleva. Audi thinks Eleva ought to be fine. Save the extra money. I vetoed the Micro Power. I want to adjust volume without a remote.

Test One-Bad Day 1/30/07

Hertz 250 500 1K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K

       40 45 50 55 60 50 55 55  84% recognition

       35 30 20 30 55 60 50 55 60                                   2/13

Any thoughts?

I take it the micropower requires a remote to adjust volume? What alternative is there in the same class aid that has a wheel?

Yes, the Micro Powers require remote to access volume functions.

The best model in the Phonak lineup to have a volume control on board the instrument is the Extra or the Supero for Severe/Profound losses.

You can also look at the Sonic Innovations products other than their open fit BTE’s which have VC’s.

I am back!

18 mos. later. Have seen the Orto a few times. Same figures on hearing loss. But, recognition is 69% as opposed to 84% last time. However, my guess is, that’s the good day-bad day difference.

I purchased an Eleva from Phonak through Hearing Planet. They work very well. However, I am still missing a great deal. I am wondering if a higher end aid would benefit me? Orto (Professor of ortolaroncology U of Texas Southwestern in Dallas) says Meniere’s or AIED are notorious for being difficult to aid with HAs. However, the Eleva’s have helped greatly. I just wonder whether it would be of benefit to buy up? The problem is not volume. The problem is clarity. I have three programs I can manually switch. The main channel, high treble and very high treble.:slight_smile: My guess is, this is as good as it can get. Hate to spend thousands of dollars for the same result. Any thoughts?