Should I see an ENT or Audiologist for an audiogram?

29 year old male. Born with hearing impairment, thus, my speech has been affected. I wore big bulky analog aids during elementary school, but shunned them as I got older and then pretty much lived my life without them. I had an audiogram done as a teen, but I can’t find it at the moment. The gist of it: I can’t understand dialogue on TV, can’t make out lyrics in music, forget trying to use a radio to communicate. I do good with the telephone, though. Have trouble with co-workers calling my name in the quiet environment at work.

I’m wondering if you guys think I’ll be able to go with CIC hearing aids hidden from view. I really do not want the aids visible in the ear and will not wear BTE aids.

Either way, I’ll get an audiogram done ASAP. Do I need to go to an ENT for that or can I find a local clinic/audiologist/dispenser and take the test with them? Does it matter who I use?

Thanks…looking forward to the replies!

The ENT offices I’ve been to here have audiologists working co-located in that office. The ENT will send you to the audie to get the hearing test done.

be open about the choices… I would not rule out other products

I agree totally with xbulder, do not limit your selections right from scratch. BTE’s are so small, and the small tube that goes into your ear virtually invisible. And they carry more power, can use larger batteries to not only supply extra power to last longer, but also to provide both more features and a stronger processor. The only ones who have ever noticed my aids are … hmmm … don’t remember anyone. In fact, I usually start my training of new clients by telling them that I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids so they don’t think I’m ignoring them if I don’t respond to them … and every one of the clients I have visited since February when I switched to BTE’s were surprised as they did not see them even after being told I had them. Don’t let vanity rule, it will only make you look like a fool.

The way I look at it I need to hear more that I need to look like I do not have any hearing issues.
I am the one that when I am starting a call with a customer to fix their computers that I say I have a hearing loss and please understand if I ask you to repeat something you say. That is better than them thinking that you are not just listening to them.

Thanks guys!

Having hearing impairment since birth, I would recommend seeing an ENT after the hearing test to see if advancements in the medical field over the years may benefit you more than HIs.

The Audeo Smart HIs I wear are BTE, but are not visible to anyone without invading my personal space.

I would see both an ENT and an Audilogist. An ENT can give you medical advice and an Audi can help you get fitted for aids.

I would not rule out BTE. They are more powerful and easy to clean. I had in the ear aids (not totally in the canal as my canals are small) and they would break because the wax would get near the mics and circuits.

Hey, I have hearing and vision loss and not ashamed. If people don’t like it or are bothered by it, that’s there problem. Most of the time you will find that you are your own worst enemy.